3 Psychological Approaches On Describing Yourself

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“Every person on this earth is full of great possibilities that can be realised through imagination, effort, and perseverance.”

  • Scott Barry Kaufmann

“How to write my essay on myself?”

Well, trying to write an essay describing ‘yourself’ can be pretty challenging. We humans think that we are well aware of ourselves. But, how well do you know yourself?

Humans have a conscious and subconscious mind. You can read many good books about the subconscious mind suggested by experts from online essays writing service to write your essay. But that may not be enough!

So, let’s make this conversation more interesting and have a quick look at the three best psychological approaches to describe ‘myself’. Let us start at the root, shall we?

Why is self-knowing necessary?

Until we have to face a situation, we never feel it necessary to know the importance of particular aspects. Is self-knowing so important? Here are some points why it is crucial to know “myself.” 

  • It helps in personality development.
  • Avoid you from acting impulsively.
  • Built confidence with a focus on specific areas
  • Awareness of your wants, goals, desires
  • Realisation of self-discipline

3 Psychological theories for writing essay on myself

Before we move towards theories, be clear that with the process of knowing yourself, you must be aware of these three concepts:

  • Material self: our body, possessions.
  • Interpersonal self: what others hold or think about us.
  • Intrapersonal self. Our emotions, desires, needs, values.
  1. Development and characteristics of the self-concept

Each person’s self-concept is unique and differs, but some characteristics can still be identical. However, with self-concept, physical characteristics are the essential concept, and many people often use them to describe themselves.

  • For instance, if you think you are ugly, it will be automatically reflected in your responses. Thus, physical characteristics are an essential component as we are very well aware that other people use them to identify or judge us.
  • Moreover, physical characterises can have both positive and negative impacts. 
  • Also, personality traits impact a lot. For example, if you say ‘I am an introvert’ with the same concept, you will move forward in life.

Accordingly, self-concept theory is also associated with social identity. So, what can a social identity be? It is mainly our placement or position according to the different social groups. For instance, if you say ‘I am a musician’ or ‘I am friend, sister, daughter’; etc. It eventually differentiates among the different social statuses which an individual holds. 


  • Self-complexity and self-concept clarity

With the above theory, we have learned that self-concepts emphasise our internal characteristics and social status. Thus, adding self-concepts also includes our past experiences, failures, accomplishments, desires, and present goals with future possibilities. However, to gain more insights on this concept, you can refer to Oyserman, Bybee, Terry, & Hart-Johnson, 2004. Now moving towards self-complexity. “What is self-complexity?”

  • Besides practical implication, the theoretical term self-complexity can be described as an interpretation that an individual implies to convey about themselves. 
  • However, as the term consists of self-complexity, it can be complex for individuals to think about themselves.
  • For example, if I say, man, what comes to your mind? It may strike as a son, husband, friend, teacher, boyfriend, or anything associated with a man.
  • However, different statuses hit your mind due to the variety of experiences you have encountered in your life, which possibly differs from one individual to another,

Thus, as per research, it is stated that individuals with higher self-complexity gain more positive outcomes like self-esteem as compared with individuals with low self-complexity. 

  • Self-Awareness

“I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.” 

  • Billie Jean King

Moving towards the theory of self-awareness, self-awareness is mainly an ability to understand yourself, with different aspects of behaviour, feelings, traits, etc. Moreover, it is an experience of one’s personality and individuality and is also termed self-consciousness. Psychologists consider self-awareness to be the most critical aspect of human life because it has a profound influence on the behaviour of an individual. Moreover still, they are on the road to figuring out its root cause. 

  • Many activities that we perform in our daily lives simultaneously affect our self-consciousness.
  • For instance, a particular action done publicly can embarrass you, bring anxiety, and eventually change your behaviour.
  • Do you know why this is happening? Because your awareness and consciousnesses are not allowing you to adapt to that particular environment.

Humans tend to be more self-aware in specific areas like in front of the mirror, camera, and public-facing. ‘What is the reason for this?” It is because of the accessibility of self-schema which automatically influences our behaviour. However, we can’t control it, and we tend to lose our potentiality to get out.

Closure note

Essay writing is not an easy task, and an academic essay demands a lot of advanced requirements. Moreover, writing an essay on self-behaviour is not less than stress. But, if you are aware of the structure for writing an essay, you can do well. Hope the theories will help you a lot in gaining self-clarity. Besides, to fetch good grades, don’t hesitate to seek external help. Hope you come with an excellent report on “describing myself”. Wish you all the best!

Authour Bio : Harvey Allen, who hails from Sydney, is a well-known psychologist and has profound knowledge of human behaviour. Besides her profession, she is associated with the brand Write my essay and delivers help in psychology topics. In her spare time, Frank likes to do gardening.