5 Practical Tips to Style Your Nightstand Table

The Nightstand tables are often the most overlooked furniture in the bedroom. For most people, it is just a small surface that provides space for placing various items nearby the bed. However, a nightstand table plays a significant role in making your bedroom look stylish. Therefore, it is essential to make the best out of it. Yes, indeed, our bedside tables are commonly used to place miscellaneous items. Still, regardless of how cluttered your table might get; you can still manage to make it the focal point of attraction in your bedroom with just a few simple steps.

Although every furniture item is different, there are some common fundamentals to style nightstand tables. The nightstand contains only a limited surface area. Therefore, it is challenging to make the most out of it. Since you can only place limited items on top of it, you should be careful about what accessories to place and whatnot. So, whether you want to create a style statement with a stylish nightstand tray in the bedroom or just need a convenient space for placing items, we have some interesting ideas to style your nightstand table.

1- Start with the Basic Essentials

Every nightstand is different from the other and has a different space. However, when it comes to styling your nightstand, you should stick to placing essentials. For example, you can start by placing a stylish table lamp to add height to your table. However, you should be careful that it does not occupy all the space on the table and leave some space for other items.

Other important items you can place on tables are the books. The books add an element of richness and elegance to your Nightstand table. Additionally, you can also use the Nightstand tray to create more space for placing items.

2- Add Natural Elements

Another useful tip for styling your nightstand table is to add some natural elements to the table. We all tend to clutter our nightstand table with various miscellaneous items. But, to make it visually pleasing, you should consider adding some natural elements to the table. For example, you can add a colorful vase with fresh flowers or a small plant. Adding some natural greenery near the bedside helps in connecting more with the outside world. In addition, you can place these items on top of books to add height and not clutter the table.

3- Add a Hanging Mirror/ Art

One of the simplest ways to pump up the look of your nightstand table is by adding a hanging mirror above the nightstand table. It instantly creates a luxurious look for your bedroom. In addition to this, you can also consider adding a decorative art piece on the small wall above the table. Also, you should ensure to select the art piece that matches your bedroom walls and the overall look of the nightstand table.

4- Add Small Decorative items

Believe it or not, small items play a significant role in uplifting the look of your nightstand table. The small items complete the look of your table and create a big impact on the overall look of the nightstand. We all place frequently used items such as watches and earrings on the bedside table at the end of the day. You can use a decorative bowl to place these small items and stylize your nightstand table.

5- Functional and aesthetically pleasing

A good nightstand table should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. The night table is perfect for stacking up various items on top of it. However, if you want to make it look visually appealing, you should consider adding practical items that help make it look stylish. For example, you can place items you use before bed, such as an alarm clock, favorite books, or water bottle.

Additionally, you should ensure to get a nightstand table that is the same height as your mattress. Anything higher or lower than your mattress can make it uncomfortable for you to reach items.

Final Thoughts

The nightstand table is one of the essential pieces of bedroom furniture that completes its look. It is home furniture that is useful for placing various items and gives a stylish and elegant look to your bedroom. Styling your nightstand try with accessories and wall art can create a powerful impact on your bedroom look. In addition to nightstand tables, you can also use other furniture such as the hold n storage decorative accent pillows to keep your beddings organized in one place.