December 9, 2021

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Interesting facts about silver and UK coinage

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silver and UK coinage

Silver coins – mass or metal is a production to form system of transactions, which was first used by LYDIANS around 600 B.C. It is less valuable than gold that is why silver material is commonly used for coin making and for making jewels too.

Silver is valuable and shiny material being long appreciated for its beauty, reflective quality and symbolism of prosperity in among mankind ever since this metal has been found and mined by humans. To make lower denomination coins, you can buy silver bars and bullion. 

Silver and the coinage system

  • Silver is one of the first five metals to ever be discovered. silver was among the first metals to be used as currency in form of coin for trading purpose, slowly but gradually process of exchanging coins for trading /purchasing purpose between persons, nations become the “COINAGE” which means money in the form of coins.
  • Every eye starts shining as soon as the word Silver enter into one’s ear . Silver has many usages in Industries and other area. In addition to that, silver brings prosperity and wealth to your home and is auspicious. 
  • Silver is extremely popular throughout the world and is buyable in the form of jewelry and coins. Connection of Silver with prosperity and wealth comes from ancient times.
  • A large variety of silver coin denominations is a part of Britain’s long history. It includes crowns, shillings, florins, pennies, twopence, fourpence and sixpence.

Evolution of UK coinage 

Significance of Silver coins in ancient times was great. Roman empire used it as a symbol of political super power. It did not allow it to be minted by any other province. Romans called it the Silver Denarii Coins. Ancient Greeks also minted the great Drachmas as a Silver trade coin. Therefore, other nations like Spain, Mexico, USA, China were also using Silver Coins for trade. Silver coin was a legal tender in USA till 1964.

In other words, with such a rich history, value of silver coins has only increased over time.  If you are planning to buy silver coin and bars online, you will be happy to see the available options from bullion dealers in UK. 

  • Silver coins are tangible asset unlike investment in stocks and bonds which are intangible. For instance, one always feels secure having silver coins and bars as they have a good value. In other words, a sense of security is always there. 
  • Silver coins provide one of the safest ways of saving and investment. Having Silver Coins with oneself have several advantages. And the best part is that you need not to invest ample money in buying it.  
  • Silver coins always maintains its purchasing power. There is no risk of defaulting unlike stocks and bonds.  This is not the case with silver coins. Above all, any low-income person with some saving can purchase it.
  • Cardiff Gold offers many ranges of silver coins and bars with different symbols to suit everyone’s desire and buy from bullion dealers in UK. In conclusion, if you want to buy silver coins for gifting purpose or invesment, you can buy it online at a good silver coin price in UK. 

There is a history and story to every silver coin

One can go for the crown’s embedded coin “The Queen’s Beast” or look for some animal embedded coins like “The Tiger” from bullion dealers in UK.  Similarly, cartoon characters silver coins like 2021 Disney Donald Daisy Duck 1oz Silver Bullion Coin and  2021 DISNEY MICKEY & GOOFY 1OZ SILVER BULLION COIN are also great to buy. Buy silver coin in UK at a reliable silver coin price from silver bullion dealer.

2021 Woolly Rhinoceros Giants Of The Ice Age 1oz Silver Bullion Coin:

The motive behind giving a name to the coin is to pay respect toward extinct species of rhinoceros that was common throughout Europe and Northern Asia, mainly in GHANA. A member of Pleistocene megafauna family, survived till last glacial period. It’s a 5th coin of the series “Giants of the Ice Age”. 


This coin is 3rd coin on theme called “world wildlife series” which is dedicated to BALD EAGLE. The bald eagle is the heraldic bird of the USA distribute east and west coast of US & Alaska.
It’s a premium design and made of 99.99% pure silver and comes in protective coin capsule.

2021 Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz Silver Bullion Coin:

As backed by Canadian government, by the Royal Canadian Mint contains 1 oz. of 0.9999 fine silver, coin features RCM’s new MintShieldTM technology to avoid any stain or white spot-on coin.

Invest with a silver coin today and relax to see magic after that! 

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