Attestation of a degree certificate is the process of making a degree certificate valid by checking it with a government agency. When a person completes university graduation in UAE, they receive a degree certificate. The relevant institution or college is responsible for issuing the degree certificate attestation in UAE. Obtaining a degree certificate directly from the university is crucial. The fundamental document for higher education and employment is a degree certificate. A degree certificate is used to demonstrate a person’s level of education. Anyone who plans to visit a foreign country for any reason must complete the attestation process. When a person wishes to travel internationally for a variety of reasons, they must get their degree certificate attested. The attestation of a degree certificate aids a person in achieving a variety of employment goals.


Certificates produced by UAE-based institutions are attested for by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the UAE for both nationals and foreigners. Residents can access these services via Customer Happiness Centres spread out around the UAE. In addition to educational documents, one can have their power of attorney, contract, marriage, and divorce documents confirmed. The procedure for having your academic credentials certified in the UAE has recently been streamlined. To register as a person or a business, log on to the official MoFAIC website. The procedure is clear-cut.

In addition, you can send the paper via prepaid courier rather than personally. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE and Internal Cooperation is often the organization responsible for educational document attestation in UAE. However, the body may differ in some particular situations. Make sure your application is perfect before submitting it. As soon as you apply application, there is no turning back; this is your final opportunity to check for issues. Take some time to check that all the information is complete and accurate before submitting.

Your application will be reviewed by the Customer Happiness Centre. Your academic credentials would be attested if all requirements were satisfied. You will then be required to pay the cost online. The cost is determined by the document type and the attestation body.


Attestation from a recognized authority is the primary step in authenticating any document. A recognized authority performs educational certificate attestation to authenticate the qualifications with a seal for a variety of purposes. For a number of things, like moving abroad for work or school, getting admission to foreign universities, or other things, attestation is required.

If you want to enroll in a foreign university, you must have your academic credentials attested. The documents must also be authenticated to examine educational credentials. The primary goal of certificate attestation is to prevent the issuance of fraudulent documents, document forgeries, and document misrepresentations for using in abroad. To confirm that an applicant is competent for the post, employers, educational institutions, or licensing bodies abroad may request academic credentials. The authorities will only accept documents that have been attested, allowing them to authenticate the document.

Attesting a degree certificate is significant for numerous reasons.


A degree certificate’s attestation is the concerned authorities’ acknowledgment that the certificate is authentic and that the recognized institution issued it.


As part of the visa and immigration procedure, many nations demand attested degrees. The attestation gives the immigration authorities reassurance that the candidate’s academic credentials are reliable and authentic.


Employers frequently demand the authentication of degree certificates as a condition of employment. Employers can feel secure and assured that a candidate meets requirements and possesses the required educational credentials by means of attested certificates.


Admission to higher education programs frequently requires attested degree certificates, especially at international universities. It serves as documentation of a candidate’s educational background and establishes their suitability for the program.


Degree certificates that have been attested can also be utilized in court cases, as well as for legal matters like inheritance and property transfers. They can be cited as proof to show someone’s educational background.


Even though attestation is required in the UAE, certain private businesses may not. For such work in the UAE, applicants may provide unattested educational credentials. However, your paper will be more important and valuable than an unattested one.

The attestation of educational credentials is a requirement for employment in the UAE. Your qualification for the position is tacitly confirmed by attestation from the necessary departments and ministries. The attestation establishes your document’s legitimacy. Once completed, the attestation can be provided when applying for employment or higher study at any company or university in the UAE. To validate that it was granted by the appropriate institution in the home nation, you don’t need to provide any other information. A signed document has legal standing. As a result, you can appeal any denials in a court of law based on their legality. Some of the school records also serve as identification documents. In these circumstances, you can use a confirmed educational certificate without any hesitation.


For individuals who are unfamiliar with the requirements and government agencies, the attestation process for the UAE might be challenging and frustrating. The stress associated with moving to a new nation might be reduced by hiring an attestation company. Attestation service providers keep up with legal developments and are familiar with all the procedures. Without your assistance, these businesses will handle the attestation process and send attested documents in time for registration.