All in Four Dental Implants

Hello! Today I have arrived here with the new topic, where I will talk to you about all-on-four dental implants. I’ll talk about all-on-our dental implants, including the cost, benefits, limitations, and relevant faqs. So if you want to know more read the article till the end.

What is all-on-four dental implant?

All on four dental implants is a technique in which the entire teeth are supported with just four implants. It fixes all the teeth in the mouth except the molar regions because it isn’t applicable there, and it is considered the best option for people who have missed a maximum number of teeth. It is a prosthodontics procedure where rehabilitation is provided to toothless patients who have missed a maximum number of teeth in both their upper and lower jaw.

How much do the all-on-four dental implants cost in Chennai?

There are many factors responsible for determining the cost of all-on-four dental implants. The several factors are dental clinics, the dentist’s expertise, the quality of the implants, and so on. However, the all-on-four dental implants cost in Chennai is around 2,00,000-5,00,000 INR. You can visit the best dental clinic in Chennai or near you to obtain the all-on-four dental implant treatment.

List out some of the benefits of the all-on-four dental implant?

Compared to the single implant, the all-on-four dental implant is considered the best in many aspects. Let’s have a look at what are they;

Saves time:

One of the superior advantages of the all-on-four dental implant is that they save your time. If you consider having an implant for every tooth, you can’t even imagine how much time it would take, but the procedure usually becomes short in all-on-four dental implants.


The same here is applied to the teeth. Just imagine how much money you would spend if you had an implant for every single tooth. The all-on-four dental implant has made the procedure affordable and accessible.

No Bone grafting:

Unlike the single implant, the all-on-four dental implant does not require

any bone grafting procedure because the all-on-four dental implants are placed in the denser parts of the bones; there is no need for the all-on-four dental implants. Thus bone grafting requires only no or very rarely bone grafting.

So these are some of the unique benefits of the all-on-our dental implants.

List out the limitations of the all-on-four dental implants?

This all-on-four dental implants also has several limitations which shouldn’t be avoided;

Not guaranteed;

As dental implants are a surgical procedure, there isn’t a full guarantee that the dental implants will be entirely successful. Hence it is one of its a disadvantage.

Huge amount:

Even though it is affordable, paying such a huge amount could be difficult for many people, and thus everyone cannot afford the all-on-four dental implants.

Denies molar regions:

The all-on-four dental implants are not applicable in the molar regions of the teeth, and thus you have to go for the single implants for the molar regions.

More bone density:

The all-on-four dental implants cannot be carried out to people with less bone density, and it requires relatively a high bone density for carrying out the bone all-on-four dental implants treatment.

So these are some benefits and limitations of the all-on-four dental implant.

Consider both to avoid further complications to your health.

Frequently Asked Questions about All-on-four dental implants cost in Chennai:

Are the all-on-four dental implants easy to identify?

You cannot identify the all-on-four dental implant quickly unless anyone tells you or you tell anyone. They look just like natural teeth, give an appealing look to your teeth, and enhance your appearance.

How much does the all-on-four dental implant treatment last?

All-on-four dental implants can last up to 10-15 and last more for lifelong with proper care and maintenance.

Are the all-on-four dental implants are a painful procedure?

No. All-on-four dental implant is not a painful procedure, and many people have a wrong and harmful assumption about the all-on-four dental implants that would be unbearable. But it is tolerable, and you can get it in your mouth for 2-3 hours in the dental office.

Which is more painful, the dental implant or tooth extraction?

The subject of pain is different for everyone. Many people consider a dental implant to be painful, whereas many consider tooth extraction to be painful.

How much time does it require for the gums to heal completely?

Immediately after the dental implant treatment, the gums become tender and require a bit lengthy healing phase, about 2 to 3 weeks.

Who is not a suitable candidate for dental implants?

Before opting for the dental implant, you must know whether you are suitable for the treatment or not. To know your suitability, match yourself here with the relevant points.

  • People who consume certain medications like steroids and drugs are not suitable for dental implant treatment.
  • People who clench and grind their teeth are also not ideal for dental implant treatment.

What are the things to avoid after dental implants?

  • Avoid hard foods like steak and raw vegetables.
  • Avoid crunchy and sticky foods.
  • You can consume icecreams to let the wound heal faster.

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