A Brief Introduction of Anti-weed Non-woven Geotextiles in Weed Control Project

Anti-weed non-woven geotextiles are materials that are characterized by having a flat shape, are permeable and are mainly composed of thermoplastic polymer fibers. Generally, anti-weed GTM non-woven geotextiles are made from polypropylene fibers.

These types of materials are made with high-tech machinery, specially designed to manufacture non-woven geotextiles, in such a way that they more than meet the precise quality standards so that they are capable of fulfilling their task and satisfying the needs of all types of Projects.

HOW TO USE Anti-weed Non-woven Geotextiles

Anti-weed non-woven geotextiles, also known as anti-weed meshes, are used to control the growth of weeds on any type of surface. A lasting, effective restriction and without the need to use chemical substances.

This type of geotextiles are indicated to prevent the appearance of highly resistant weeds on surfaces such as grass, morning glory or horsetail; among other. Anti-weed non-woven geotextiles can be used in orchards, private and public gardens, hedges, landscaping projects … And much more! 

The steps to follow for the use and installation of this type of material are:

1. Prepare the ground, removing weeds and leaving the surface as flat as possible.

2. Locate the mesh on the ground. In the case of having to cover large areas, it will be necessary to overlap at least 10 cm to prevent weeds from growing at the edges.

3. Stones, metal skewers or clamping nails should be installed on each piece of fabric; for greater grip and adhesion to the ground.

4. The weed geotextile should be covered.

While it is true that they are widely used in gardening and horticulture, the use of non-woven non-woven geotextiles is not limited to this sector, and can be used in constructions, civil works, railway constructions, tunnels, landfills, hydraulic works, slopes, containment of slopes, roads and urban planning projects.


But what are the main benefits of geotextiles non woven? What utilities do they present? Below, you will find a list that includes the most important advantages of anti-weed non-woven geotextile. Take note:

• They prevent the growth of weeds.

• Allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate without problems.

• It is a system made with durable, effective and safe materials.

• They are very simple and quick to install.

• Let the soil breathe, as well as the roots of the plants.

• They adapt perfectly to irregular surfaces thanks to their flexibility.

• Increase the quantity, as well as the quality of the crops.

• After removing this type of material, it can be recycled.

Now that you know the many advantages of having non-woven non-woven geotextiles, do not hesitate to have them to keep weeds at bay and thus, get a garden or orchard always beautiful and well-kept. In addition, to take advantage of the great capacities of this type of materials.

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