Artificial Turf vs Natural Grass

Are you skeptical of using artificial turf in your compound? Have you assumed that this alternative to growing natural grass is more of a shortcut? Chances are you aren’t fully attuned to the usefulness of artificial turf and the host of advantages that it offers. Once you become cognizant of the innumerable benefits, it will then be just a matter of time before a bright and shiny green turf starts to add to the curb appeal of your property. 

Below we have listed 10 plausible reasons as to why buying artificial turf is better than growing natural grass: 

1. Little Maintenance 

Whenever the topic of artificial turf is broached, this fact is always harped on. But because it’s one of the strongest facts that works in favour of artificial turfs, it is stressed on each time. As you bring an artificial turf home, one thing that you won’t have to worry about is cutting or mowing the grass after regular intervals. That artificial turfs require little maintenance is a given. And it’s also a positive step that you can take towards water conservation.

2. No puddles 

During the installation of your artificial turf, you will see how the experts who are assigned this task roll the bottom and smoothen it out, thereby doing away with valleys and grooves that can cause water to accumulate. Artificial turfs also have small irrigation channels to remove excess water and stop it from stagnating in low areas.

3. No stains

If you have children in your house and you go for an artificial turf, not having to clean mud or grass stains is a big relief that you will get. Your kids can play freely and yet their shoes or clothes won’t have those green or brown patches that are always on the cards when one spends time on natural grass.

4. No exposure to harmful chemicals

If you get a quality artificial turf, in all probability, it will be anti-bacterial in nature, thereby checking the spread of bacteria and germs. Again you will have to worry less about your children who will not be exposed to the unsafe chemicals that are often used for the upkeep of a garden comprising natural grass.

5. Ideal for recreational areas 

There is a reason why artificial turfs are conspicuous by their presence in tennis courts, golf grounds and party halls. They can withstand large number of footfalls without wearing out easily. Artificial turfs are designed to absorb the pressure that walking generates. And because they can easily be chopped and resized, you can virtually use them anywhere.    

6. Drought resistant

You may need to use water on your artificial turf just once in a blue moon to tackle odour or buildup of dirt. Otherwise, artificial turfs hardly need water and are ideal for places that experience severe droughts. If you live in any such place, you may never face the need to violate water restrictions if use artificial turf.  

7. Economical 

An artificial turf is one of the most cost-effective investments that you can make. The amount that you may have to pay upfront could upset your budget a bit but the returns are going to be much greater. After all, your artificial turf will improve the appearance of your property, stay in the same state for long and hardly require any maintenance. So what may seem expensive initially may prove to be economical in the long run.   

8. Minimize air pollution 

The equipment that is used for mowing natural grass is powered by gas. As millions of people the world over mow their lawns every weekend, they contribute massively to air pollution but this guilt won’t weigh on your mind if you use an artificial turf. 

9. No weeds and pests

This could be one of the strongest reasons that may actually convince you to choose artificial turf in place of natural grass. Weeds and pests tend to destroy natural lawns and when you use artificial turf, you won’t have to deal with these at all.

The foundation of artificial grass is weed-proof and unlike natural grass, it does not attract pests. Natural grass offers weeds the soil it needs to grow whereas artificial turf doesn’t. Natural grass draws grubs and other kinds of insects that flourish in natural soil. What’s worse is that insects tend to attract other insects and at times larger ones such as gophers, raccoons and even snakes. Artificial grass on the contrary results in the creation of an insect-free environment.   

10. Less trouble from dogs  

On finding a natural garden, dogs often tend to dig holes and bring dirt and mud inside the house. Your furry friend will not give you this trouble when you have an artificial turf.

So you see that an artificial turf is not something that you will have to willy-nilly use when you actually do not have the option of using natural grass. It is an equally good alternative that can give its natural counterpart a good run for its money with the impressive features that it has.  

In a similar vein, artificial green walls are now proving to be a suitable alternative to climbers and creepers and to get an artificial green wall in Australia in particular, you will not have to try too hard as there are plenty of suppliers who deal in such items.