Rookie Mistakes to Avoid Poker Bankroll Management

Poker bankroll management is all about sticking to your allocated funds and being strategic to ascertain sure that you don’t go broke. For example, if you have a 1000 rupees’ bankroll allocated to your name, you won’t last long if you opt to take part in 100 rupees buy-in tournaments. As an enthusiast of online poker, here are a few Poker Bankroll management strategies that you should follow:  

  • If you have been wondering what should be the ideal amount to get started in online Poker, then, there is no one definite answer. It depends on different participants who can afford to allocate amounts that are solely dependent on their financial footing. However, one piece of advice to budding online poker players is that even though the game is played with skill, if not played right and variance catches you, chances are that you might lose money. So, it is advised that you start with money that you can afford to lose. 
  • One of the basics of poker bankroll management is a careful selection of websites. Websites like PokerBaazi have welcome bonuses which add up to your cash deposits. Bonuses can even double or triple your cash deposits. The catch about bonuses is that in certain cases you need to claim the bonuses using a code without which these bonuses cannot be claimed. There is also a rollover requirement attached to it which means that you won’t be able to withdraw your rewards unless you have gambled a certain number of times. 
  • One of the most underrated Poker Tips and Strategy is limiting yourself. A good player always knows when to stop. Always limit your sessions. This might be a bit difficult when you are on a winning streak and sometimes equally difficult for people when they are losing as well.

Many players mistake their hot-streak with great signs of being a good player and before they know it, they have already thrown away a hard-earned profit. In this scenario, it is always nice to set a goal for every session but not be driven by it. 

  • A rule of thumb in online poker and one of the frequently tested Poker tips and strategy is to spend only 2% of your bankroll in online tournaments. The same logic holds for sit-n-goes. That allotted 2% should include re-buys or add-ons and even when you have to make multiple re-buys make sure that the total cost of the tourney stays around or below 5%. 
  • The rate of winning is something that players should consider as a Poker Bankroll management strategy. In cash games, the return of investment is winning in big blinds per 100 hands. Irrespective of whatever games you play, a large sample size of hands is needed to assess your return on investment. If people have a fair idea about their winning rate, it will help them in choosing tables with different buy-in values but for those who have no idea about their winning rate, it is advised that they exercise discretion. 
  • The biggest issue that online poker players face is managing their expectations from a certain tournament. Many of them sit down to play with an unreal expectation of turning their bankroll into a huge number which is often not a feasible result. 
  • Some poker tips and strategy talk about players going on tilt. This is when people get angry because of a losing streak and keep on playing to prove a point. This is when you lose your composure and start making wrong decisions that will cost you more money. This means that not only are you not doing your chances a favour, there will also be very little money left for the next day you want to play. 

Knowing poker isn’t enough because there are so many nuances to the game that you need to master to appreciate poker truly. Follow PokerBaazi’s expert Poker tips and strategy blogs to understand better about Bankroll management. 

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