6 Ways to Begin Basic Archery Training For the Whole Family

Archery is an incredible sport and recreation for people of all ages, and it’s been around for thousands and thousands of years. Many people fall in love with archery when they see it televised during the Olympic games. Every year, the sport grows more and more popular. It’s an excellent activity for the entire family to learn and participate in. Experts in the bow and arrow industry have some great tips on how to begin basic archery training together.

1. Watch Archery Movies

Hollywood has a way of making everything look spectacular and exciting, and there are a number of amazing archery movies to watch with the family for fun and to see what the sport or recreation is all about.

Archery is used in target shooting, bow hunting, and bow fishing, and historically, it was used for combat.

Disney’s “Brave” is fantastic for young archers and is an animated movie.

The “Hunger Games” was a wildly popular flick starring actress Jennifer Lawrence who had never picked up a bow and arrow before filming the role. She was taught by one of the best, Khatuna Lorig, an Olympic archery medalist.

Two more archery films to see are “Robin Hood” and “King Arthur.”

2. Find An Archery Club

Another way to start familiarizing yourselves with the sport of archery is to look for an archery club or organization near your home. There are locations all over the United States alone that offer basic lessons in the activity.

For instance, a beginner bow is recommended, and rental equipment is often included in the lessons. You will learn how to place your bow hand and how to load, how to aim, and more.

Taking lessons is the ideal way to watch demonstrations and learn techniques. Each member of the family will be matched with the right instructor, and each individual can learn at their own pace.

3. Build A Backyard Range

You and your family can also practice the basics of archery training at home once you gain some experience. If you have enough room on your property, you can set up a backyard range. Before you do that, however, check with your town or city officials to ensure that your backyard is a permissible area for practicing the activity. Every community and state has different laws regarding backyard ranges.

Using a bag target or a foam block target are good options to think about. Then, you would need to construct a target stand and a backstop behind it. You can find these steps outlined online, or you can hire professionals to come to your property and build the perfect backyard range.

4. Learn Virtual Archery

The art and sport of archery have come a very long way, and today, modern archery enthusiasts have another method for beginning basic archery training that can help you shoot more precisely, strengthen your muscles and help you fine-tune a release. It’s known as AccuBow, and you can practice it anywhere at any time.

Your age or skill level doesn’t matter. You choose your training bows for the family, download the archery training app, and begin your archery and/or bowhunting training lessons. It’s fun, convenient and revolutionary for the sport.

5. Watch A Local Archery Event

It’s always fun to watch athletes who are very good at their game, and there are some schools that have archery teams. Your family could attend an archery competition and see up close how skill and technique factor into this fantastic recreation.

Watching an activity in person brings you closer to the action and allows you to see the sport from different perspectives.

6. Tune Into World Archery TV

You can also head to YouTube online and subscribe to WorldArcheryTV. It’s a well-known channel and boasts more than half a million viewers. You’ll find both live and recorded coverage from international competitions around the globe. Some of these videos feature the Archery World Cup and World Archery Championship, how-to demos, interviews with top athletes, and more.

Bottom Line

Archery is a wonderful activity for the whole family. Consider the guidelines outlined above as you begin basic archery training and love for the sport.