August 13, 2022

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Benefits of transcription services

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accurate transcription services

Business transcription services have evolved over the years now.

The dynamics of business communication have transformed entirely. Today, businesses convey their objectives, ideas and interact with the audience through multiple video and audio mediums such as webinars, presentations, conferences, seminars, focus groups, teleseminars, etc.  It is always sensible for businesses to record their video and audio for legal and commercial purposes through accurate business transcription services.  The next obvious question is, what is business transcription?

Business transcription

Business transcription is a method of converting the video or audio content into text. The business transcripts serve as essential material that can be shared with the clienteles.

So what are features of an efficient transcription service provider?

Features of an efficient transcription service provider

·       Quality first and always

The transcription service provider must provide accurate and high-quality transcription services for all languages. The transcript must be free of basic grammatical and language errors. It should be coherent, clear and easy to understand.

·       Timely delivery of service

Time is one of the critical elements of every business. The provider must hence highlight the delivery deadlines. The accurate transcription service must have a speedy turnaround time without negotiating on transcription quality.

·   ISO and GDPR compliance

 The transcription service provider must have strong security protocols to protect sensitive and confidential business data. It is always practical to trust in a provider that has attained ISO certification for its safety systems.

·       Versatility

The transcription service provider must provide several business transcription services such as transcription of product launches, corporate meetings, conference calls, annual general meetings, focus group discussions, webcast transcription, quarterly earning calls, and more.

So why are transcription services important?

Well, they offer various benefits to business.

Benefits of transcription services

The benefits of transcription services are immense.

1. It reduces costs:

Most businesses allocate their personnel as in-house transcriptionists. However, many of them do not have the essential expertise or experienced to deliver precise transcriptionists. As a result, businesses have to spend expenses on their training. However, by choosing for specialized transcription services, businesses can allocate and reduce training costs better.

2.     It improves employee productivity

When transcription of business records is done by a trained person, the employees can focus on investing their time in essential business development projects, improving their skill sets, and boosting their productivity and efficiency.

3.     Assures better quality

The difference between amateur and professional transcription is always apparent. Professional transcription services includes an expert who follows demanding transcription quality standards.

4.     It is reliable

Businesses can be sure of the precision of the transcription as it will be free of basic grammatical and language errors. In addition, the expert will ensure the authenticity and meaning of the text remains true to the audio or video processed.

5.     Availability of expertise

Some businesses need subject-matter experts to exactly transcribe the audio or video content. For example, a business staging on how artificial intelligence (AI) will influence the research industry needs to be transcribed by a professional who is proficient at open source research on AI technology and its use in research.

6. You have access to skilled staff

For getting accurate transcription services, business hires experienced and well trained who know all about transcription, avoiding delay and inaccuracies in delivery.

7. Flexibility

Transcription services have experts for every field, from legal transcription to medical transcription, etc.

8. Outsourcing frees up your workers for other more important admin work

Business specialists can use their staff for what they identify best, instead of driving transcription work on them.

9. Timely delivery

Specialized project managers are allocated to your project, confirming timely delivery of completed output, in the exact style and format you specified.

10. Customized delivery

Reports can be personalized according to your preferences and requirements.

11. Eliminates multi-tasking

Your in-house staff can concentrate on their jobs in place of the added burden of transcribing data. Transcription involves full concentration to guarantee accuracy, which is why it is vital to have someone who can give special attention to the service.

Wrapping up

Accurate transcription services have slowly turned into a vital segment of the transcription industry.

With certified transcription, the companies providing the services must be certified and professional transcribers, who are not just experienced but also skilled.

Are you looking for transcription services?

Acadestudio is one such accurate transcription services that provide affordable services. They provide transcription solutions to clients from different industries, like medical, legal, business, and others.

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