What’s So Great about Berlin Gardens Outdoor Furniture?

Want to get in on a little secret on how you can revitalize your outdoor living with unique styles in outdoor furniture that will last for many years and require virtually no maintenance? 

Good news – it isn’t really a well kept secret. You can more or less get exactly that with Berlin Gardens Outdoor Furniture, many examples of which you can find online at Ohio Hardwood Furniture. (OHFInteriors.com – although in this case, we’re talking exterior design!)

  1. Made from recycled materials

For one thing, Berlin Gardens is all about sustainable processes, and though they don’t practice sustainable forestry initiatives like Ohio Hardwood Furniture (their furniture isn’t made from wood, after all) they do the best they can for the Earth, anyway. 

The materials from which their high quality outdoor poly lumber furniture is made are all recycled plastics and recyclable, which helps to minimize waste and remove some from circulation, repurposing it in a highly useful and practical manner!

  1. HDPE is seriously tough! 

Objectively, the HDPE (high-density polyethylene) from which their furniture is made is as tough as nails, but we’ll get into that in more detail a little further along. 

  1. Available in a huge number of colors and finishes

You can get Berlin Gardens furniture with a huge range of finishes and colors, so no matter what your vision is for your outdoor entertainment spaces, you can pull it off with flying colors.

  1. They’re UV stable

Another great thing about HDPE is that it is UV stable. It is often ultraviolet radiation first and weather second (although it’s usually a combination of them) that destroys natural materials and outdoor furniture. Luckily, UV is lost on HDPE! 

  1. They don’t attract insects

Since HDPE is inorganic, insects won’t be attracted to it and will not cause any damage to this type of furniture, as they would with wood.

  1. They won’t rot or absorb moisture!

In the same vein, as HDPE is not a natural material, it will not absorb moisture and it also will not rot. It also won’t dry rot, for that matter. That makes it effectively weatherproof. You can leave this stuff outside all year and it will be just as fresh the next year as it was the year before! 

  1. How about a little extra poise for your outdoor living?

Finally, you can enjoy so many different styles with Berlin Gardens Poly Outdoor Furniture. In addition to colors and finishes, they offer a grand assortment of styles and designs in the furniture themselves. They’re perfect for so many different settings. 

  1. Take it on over to Ohio Hardwood Furniture! 

At Ohio Hardwood Furniture, you’ll have a not so basic pick of your choice in designs from Berlin Gardens Outdoor Furniture and many highly regarded furniture restoration makers, including their own designs, produced in house. 

You’re also welcome to visit their showroom in Peninsula, Ohio, as long as you’re willing to make the trip. If you’re in their neighborhood, it’s well worth the diversion. You’ll be surprised by how much they can offer you, especially if you’ve never heard of them before.

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