How To Choose The Best Ethernet Cables For A Home Network

All Ethernet cables are the same in appearance, and once you look at them, they look the same. They all seem to be of the same type and standards. One of the important differences among cables is their thickness, while the connector in a cable is the same for all. Without reading the description text, you can’t know the differences between cables. The description tells you all the detail and standards of cable. It will help you know about the quality of the cable. Read the description to choose the best cable for your home, along with keeping an eye on quality and many other criteria described below. 

1. Cost 

New and advanced cables are usually high at a price similar to everything in the market that’s great in quality. Cat8 cable is the most advanced and new among all. The cost of Cat8 cable is 10%-20% higher than the Cat6 cable, and cat6 cable is comparatively more expensive than the previous one. But still, we know that cable is cheaper than many equipment like routers or cabinets for networking gear. Cat8 is expensive like every advanced version of anything because it provides more benefits than previous ones. So if the cable cost more you must know that the quality will be better than the previous. 

2. Speed 

When we talk about the speed and velocity of networking and the internet, cable plays an important role. If you buy cat8 cable it will have greater speed than all the previous cable versions. The cable speed and the device you’re using should be equivalent to each other in processing. The cable can’t support the device with a slower speed and is more effective than the equivalent one. Especially when using the internet or gaming, you must know about the Best Ethernet cable for gaming.

3. Length

Cables are made up of copper and design to make data transfer but not from a long distance. They work perfectly fine within their reach. The companies manufacturing the cables said that the maximum distancing a cable can transfer should be 100 meters or 328 ft. It will work at full speed within their distance. Speed depends on the cable and the distance they are offering to transfer data. Range of data transfer influences speed in all the cables. But nowadays, manufacturers are focused on making something exceptionally durable and reliable that will work with equal frequencies out of the area of 100 meters. 

4. Use

The use of cable plays an important role and helps you choose the best one. Where ever you want to use the cable and want to attach it with any device make great influence on cable working. For instance, Cat5 cables are usually preferred to connect with all the appliances running on an internet connection, such as desktop PC or routers, etc. Similarly, cat6 cable works great with telephones. Cat6 cable makes the transfer of data in devices more convenient. And if you need all in one, you can opt for a Cat8 cable that will work perfectly for all bases.