Looking for the Best Messaging SDK Provider sin 2021: Here’s 6 to your list


As a developer the struggle to build a chat app from scratch is tedious. 

The process of creating a secure messaging app has been a long process for app developers today.

Luckily with ready-to-use solutions such as messaging SDK, building a chat platform has become easy.

For an app developer, investing in a messaging platform API solution is a wise choice. The simple reason being it is easy to get started with. 

Hence to help you understand better on the impact of messaging platform APIs, this blog will be your guide. 

What is Messaging SDK iOS?

You are now aware that to build a chat app, you require an efficient messaging SDK provider. 

What you also need to know is that you require a messaging API iOS provider as well. 

There are many users today who make use of iPhones or apple creations hence as an app developer you need to ensure that you are investing in a messaging API iOS provider that enables you to create communication suited to that platform. 

What is Messaging SDK for Android?

Just like how the above category requires a messaging API iOS platform, to cater to android users, you need to work with a messaging API android provider as well. 

Just like iOS users, there are multiple other users who depend on using android based smartphones. 

Hence to cater to such users as well, investing in a messaging SDK provider that includes both is important. 

What Should You Look For When Investing In A Third Party SDK Provider?

There are multiple messaging API iOS and android providers available in the market.

While they are great in what they offer, not all of them would provide the requirements you’re looking for.

For instance, if you’re looking to build a telehealth app, you need to invest in a third-party SDK provider that offers HIPAA compliant.

Similarly, a great third-party instant messaging SDK Provider should provide high-end security features, dedicated communication features that enhance the experience, provide high value for the money paid, are simple to get started, and more. 

Since there are many in the market, we have chosen the top ones from the crowd. 

6 Top Messaging SDK Providers To Choose in 2021 For iOS & Android

1. CONTUS MirrorFly 

CONTUS MirrorFly is a self-hosted communication API and SDK provider.

It offers all types of communication solutions such as video, audio, and chat for web and mobile apps.

It lets you customize your communication platform as you like giving you the freedom to build an efficient communication channel. 

Best Features

  • 100% Customizable 
  • Unlimited Video and Voice Calling
  • White label Chat Solutions
  • Integrate 150+ Chat Features
  • End to end support
  • Peer to peer communication
  • SIP/VOIP calling
  • Screen sharing in a click
  • Private and public channel
  • On cloud/on-premises infrastructure
  • SSL Encryption

Pricing: Onetime license cost

Platforms Supported

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web 

2. Apphitect.ae

Apphitect is UAE’s leading Chat solutions provider since 2008.

It provides a convenient platform for app developers to get started with them. 

It is considered as the top mobile application development country in Dubai and other places.

It deals with close to 1000+ well-established clients. 

Best Features

  • Developer friendly API & SDK
  • Readymade Chat Platform
  • 100% customization 
  • Social integrations
  • Geo-location tracking
  • Offline messaging
  • Unlimited storage on its cloud infrastructure
  • Push notifications


Need to contact sales for pricing details

Platforms Supported

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web
  • Windows

3. Sendbird

Sendbird caters to multiple industries with its communication API solutions.

It offers chat and voice call solutions.

With each solution they offer, they provide dedicated features that will enhance the communication experience for app developers to deliver. 

Building a messaging platform is simple to get started with SendBird. 

Best Features

  • Sendbird UI kit
  • Spam flood protection
  • User invitation
  • Admin messages
  • Announcements
  • Channel list 
  • Advanced analytics
  • Chatbot interface


Free trial, Starter 5k- $399/month, Pro 5k- 599/month

Platforms Supported

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Flutter
  • Unity
  • Javascript

4. Getstream

Getstream is the number one chat messaging and activity feed infrastructure provider. 

It helps you build scalable in-app chat as well as activity feeds within a short period of time. 

When it comes to scaling your app, Getstream does it better. 

Best Features

  • Push notifications
  • Scalable chat API
  • Easy integration
  • URL Enrichment
  • Private channels
  • Multi-tenant
  • Custom messages
  • Customizable 


Need to contact sales for pricing options

Platforms Supported

  • Android
  • iOS

5. Cometchat

Cometchat provides you video calling and text messaging solutions. 

It provides two types of solutions which are Cometchat Pro and Cometchat Go.

It is very simple to get started with Cometchat, you need to install the SDK, connect it and start building your engagement platform experience. 

Best Features

  • Webhooks
  • HD Video and voice chat
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • End to end encryption
  • Real-time translation
  • Custom messages
  • 1-1 group messaging 
  • Bots


Startup- $149/month, Growth- $399/month, Scale- $749/month, Enterprise- Custom pricing

Platforms Supported

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web

6. Twilio

Twilio helps you let your clients engage on any of the communication platforms you build.

It lets you send and receive messages instantly with its in-app messaging API service.

It gives you complete control as a developer over how you wish to create the communication app. 

Best Features

  • Cloud-based archives
  • Verifications
  • Mass alerts
  • Marketing messages
  • HIPAA eligible
  • Real-time analytics 
  • Webhooks
  • Participant management


Pricing differs based on channel, applications, or connectivity options. 

Platforms Supported

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web


As an app developer, you’re now ready to a build white label chat app efficiently. 

With the use of messaging SDKs, creating a secure messaging app has become easier. 

You now also have the complete list of messaging API android and messaging API iOS providers to help you get started. 

So tell us which messaging SDK would you choose to build a chat platform?