October 5, 2022

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Best Motherboards for i7 4790K in 2021

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best motherboard for i7 4790k

To assist you out, we’ve taken the Intel Core I7 4790K, which is a powerful CPU with overclocking potential. Various individuals will need different motherboard kinds, so this post was written with that in mind. There are several inquiries such as, “What is the best motherboard for i7 4790k?” popping up all the time.

The first thing to determine is whether or not you’re a competitive gamer. because if you are, your needs for a superb sound card may be greater than those of individuals who aren’t.

Z97 Gaming 5 from MSI

This is the greatest motherboard you can obtain while maintaining a decent cost/quality/performance efficiency in mind. Compared to the previous Z87-G45, which was also great, the Z97 Gaming 5 is even better because it gives you more control over your CPU overclocking and also allows you to overclock your RAM up to 3300Mhz. It also has better custom features and a better Audio Boost, as well as support for M.2 and processors of the 5th generation, which is a huge improvement.


  • LGA 1150 socket is compatible with Intel’s fifth-generation processors.
  • DDR3-3300 OC (Extremely Fast) RAM
  • SATA 6Gb/s, USB 3.0, and M.2
  • Upgrade Your Sound Quality with Audio Boost 2

MSI Z97 Gaming 3

However, the Gaming 3 is still a great choice for competitive gamers who don’t want to spend an additional $10-30 on the Gaming 5. We recommend this motherboard for those who are interested in competitive gaming because it comes with a great sound card and offers excellent overclocking and security.


  • Can be used with the LGA 1150 5th generation processor socket.
  • DDR3-3300 OC (Extremely Fast) RAM
  • USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s are both available in the M.2 form factor.
  • Upgrade Your Sound Quality with Audio Boost2

NVIDIA GeForce GT 750 Ti

Socket 1150 is required for the I7-4790K, and this Motherboard has four RAM slots. Additionally, it supports USB 3.0 and permits overclocking, both of which are necessary if you want to maximize the performance of your I7 as it is an unlocked K version. Overclocking to 4.4-4.5GHz is easy with this Motherboard, and some users have reported getting much higher.

In addition, MSI is a wonderful brand that gives you peace of mind since MSI motherboards seldom have manufacturing defects or electrical discharges. This MOBO also includes a reasonable sound card, however, it falls short of gaming versions.


  • Can work with the LGA 1150 4th generation processor socket
  • Boosted DDR3-3000 Memory
  • SATA 6Gb/s and USB 3.0
  • Give Your Ears a Real Treat with Audio Booster!

Suggestions for Gamers Who Do Not Want to Compete

You could wonder, what’s the difference. In contrast to competitive gamers, who require every advantage and support they can get, non-competitive players merely need a motherboard that allows for overclocking. As a result, we’ve determined that the following is the best option for those who aren’t competitive gamers.


The MSI Z87-G45 Gaming ATX LGA1150 Review should clear up any remaining questions you may have about the Z87.

There are certain circumstances where you have to upgrade your BIOS to a specific version of the Z87 in order to really be able to overclock, but with the Z97 everything is ready to go out of the box.

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