10 Best Office Cleaning Hacks that makes your Work Productive

Hygienic office space would enhance the mood of the employees automatically. Who would like to work in a dirty and dusty environment, after all? The management and supervision of cleaning activities may become a complex task. 

The issues encountered during cleaning are directly proportional to the size of the organization. Nonetheless, this doesn’t lessen the efforts required for keeping a comparatively small office clean and tidy. Commercial cleaning services could be a preferable option for maintaining the office clean. 

The 10 best office cleaning hacks that make your work productive are enumerated in this article.

Best Office Cleaning Hacks that makes your Work Productive 

1. Declutter the Space

The work tables and common spaces may turn cluttered with papers, pens, pencils, and other office stationary. Allotting custom-designed cupboards, depending on the space availability, would be an advisable option for decluttering the space. The staff members can keep not only the office items but also their personal belongings in the cupboard. Reducing the spilling out and scattering of items around the office. An arranged office space appears organized. Clients also would find the office more welcoming.

2. Schedule a Cleaning Activity Once a Week

A couple of hours on a particular day, once a week, could be allocated for cleaning activity. The employees may be directed to empty their drawers of unwanted things and clean their respective areas. The cleaning team of the office can carry out a thorough cleaning subsequently. Following this for a few weeks itself would make the office more arranged than ever. The periodicity may be extended to fortnightly if found okay. Considering the present scenario, it would be advisable to undertake comprehensive cleaning including antiviral treatment at a specific periodicity.

3. Cleaning of Carpeted Floors

Carpeted floors need additional precaution and care. The employees may be directed to reduce spillage as much as possible. Even then, the food items and beverages may spill over and leave hard stains. This would require strong cleaning agents to remove the stains and prevent stinking. A steam cleaner for carpet may be used if your office has more carpeted areas.

4. Office Chairs Need Periodic Cleaning

The right time to clean office chairs is the last working day evening of every week. This point is included in the 10 best office cleaning hacks since a clean chair would be helpful to elevate mood. The ideal way to clean the office chairs is to use a solution of dish wash detergent mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide. It would remove the stale smell of food remnants and give out a clean appearance. The chair must be left out for drying once cleaned with the solution. That’s why we advised you to clean the chair on the last working day of the week.

5. Cleaning of Windows

Windows allow natural light into the office, reducing the requirement of artificial lighting to a remarkable extent. Every office must have enough windows to allow air circulation and natural lighting. The interaction with the physical atmosphere outside keeps the employees motivated. Having said that, windows are the first thing that gets dirty. The dust and dirt from the road and fields will accumulate on the windows. It would turn into tough stains if not removed frequently. Paper (even newspaper) could be used for cleaning the window panes. Use detergents to clean the obstinate dirt on the windowsill.

6. Kitchen Cleaning

An individual needs to be assigned the duty of kitchen cleaning on a weekly basis. It may not be necessary if the office has an office attendant, who is assigned with such tasks. It is a known fact that unhygienic kitchen conditions can cause diseases. The individual must understand this aspect and maintain the kitchen hygienically. A complete cleaning must be undertaken at least once a week. At times, it may necessitate inspection from the authority.

7. Vacuum Cleaner is Compulsory

A good quality heavy-duty vacuum cleaner is essential for every office. Never hesitate in buying a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner that can reach even tight spaces. The investment would not be a waste. Vacuum cleaners have an important role to play to keep the office floors clean and the entire space dust-free. It also reduces the cleaning time required. Physical cleaning using a broom and dustpan has limitations and is less effective when compared to the vacuum cleaner.

8. Toilets

The toilets must be cleaned daily. Procrastination of toilet cleaning can cause unhygienic conditions in the office. Moreover, the stains in toilets may turn hard to remove. It would be better if the company has a dedicated person for maintaining the toilet clean.

9. Air Fragrance

A closed office will develop an unpleasant smell over a period. The foul odour can turn down the clients and create a negative impact. Giving out an impression of an unhygienic office is not desirable at all. Select some pleasant smelling air fresheners and place it at the reception and other strategically important areas. Baking soda sprinkled with natural fragrant substances is another option. Avoid pungent fresheners. Mild smell is more preferable than strong ones.

10. Add Greenery

Green plants provide oxygen, as well as, offer a healthy appeal to the office space. Arrange space for green plants. There are many indoor plants available. Obtain those and keep it at dedicated corners in the office. Artificial plants could be used if usage of original plants is not viable. Nevertheless, it cannot match with the positivity offered by real, green, and plants. Dust can accumulate on the leaves of the plants as well. Ensure that the leaves of the plants are kept clean. Otherwise, it will affect the appearance.

The Brief

The positive energy provided by a clean office space is matchless. Companies must organize a proper cleaning process to maintain hygiene. Professional companies that provide office cleaning in London and other locations in the UK can help you with maintaining the office space, industrial areas and commercial entities clean and hygienic.

It would be of great benefit to invest in cleaning the office. As it would elevate the appearance of the firm and register an optimistic concept about the company.