Why GIIS School is the best option for secondary schooling in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the business hub of the UAE and is its biggest economy. UAE has more than 120 nationalities living there and Abu Dhabi has many ex-pats who have settled there. This diversity has led to a unique cultural concentration and an educational system that lets you flourish. Abu Dhabi is home to many public and private schools that will help students achieve the knowledge they need while growing up to be well-rounded individuals.

GIIS for secondary schooling in Abu Dhabi

Secondary school is an important step in the academic journey as it helps students map their journey to university. Abu Dhabi Indian School in Muroor, like Global Indian International School (GIIS) helps students achieve these goals through their comprehensive curriculum, value-added programs, and activities to provide a complete experience for the student. The mission of GIIS school is to become the global role model for teaching and learning. They have achieved this through their quality assessments and maintaining their core values.

CBSE Curriculum

GIIS has a CBSE curriculum that is known for its practical approach to education. The main focus is to provide a holistic approach to the student while providing the best quality of education. The teachers are an important aspect of the learning process, and the teachers at GIIS are highly skilled and passionate about the education and growth of the students. They guide the student along the right path to achieve their pursuits. The academic subjects include Geography, History, Mathematics, Applied Sciences, Technology, and multiple languages. With these subjects, the student will develop skills and increase their knowledge base. The student will also be encouraged to boost their reasoning skills and participate in extracurricular activities.

The 9 Gems framework at GIIS

The 9 Gems framework helps students evolve and grow with learning that goes beyond academics. These are academic excellence, sports excellence, visual and performing arts, personality development, innovation and creativity, entrepreneurship and leadership, universal values and ethics, community and care, and skills development. These 9 Gems extensively cover every aspect of a student’s life and help them evolve physically, mentally, and emotionally. Hence it ensures holistic and all-around development.

Value-Added Programs

In this highly competitive environment, students need an added boost to improve their learning skills. GIIS has value-added programs like STEM and Hey Math!. STEM is an applied approach that trains students in four disciplines – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Along with programs like STEM, there are other programs focused on encouraging students to read and apply and create projects that are based on their learnings. This helps provide them with a practical approach to their curriculum. GIIS also has competitions and clubs where students can engage with other students and imbibe skills of leadership, team-building, and good spirits. GIIS also offers an Individual Development Plan which helps students, teachers, and parents understand the student’s goal and support them in mapping the journey to reach their goals.

Parent-Teacher engagement

Parents play an important role in making important decisions for the student’s present and future. GIIS ensures that there is interaction and participation from both ends to ensure significant achievements for the students. As the world is constantly evolving, GIIS is doing the same, by using technology and integrating changing cultures to help the students. Smart Learning methods are used so that students can get a complete understanding of concepts. In order to assess students, there are systematic methods in place. This helps to understand their strengths and weaknesses and helps to guide students accordingly.

Extra-Curricular activities

GIIS has various activities that require physical and mental engagement from students to build their skills. As students become sharper and smarter, they are more prepared for the world. Sports that engage students are an important part of this learning experience. GIIS offers activities like Tennis, Cricket, Swimming, Basketball, Chess, Yoga, Table tennis, and Badminton to help students. They also offer training in the field of art, music, and dance to encourage students who want to hone these skills.

Academic Success

The secondary curriculum, value-added programs, and skill-based activities come together to provide students a wholesome development that helps them achieve excellence. This excellence helps them grow out of secondary schooling to higher steps like university placements. GIIS has had students pursue one of the best universities due to their excellent progress made in school.

Fee Structure

The fee structure is broken down according to the grade and the curriculum the student chooses. The fee structure is outlined according to the term and other fees are also mentioned. The fees for Grade 9 and 10 are AED 12,350.00 and for Grade 11 and 12 is AED 12,550.00. There are other mandatory fees. This is all to ensure quality education for the student. The admission process to GIIS is fairly simple.


GIIS offers merit and skills-based scholarships to students based on their grades and performance. The eligible students for these scholarships have to have successful academic progress reports or should be eligible according to the 9 Gems program. They also have scholarships for those from very poor economic backgrounds based on their gross family income and this provides a wonderful opportunity to deserving students..

GIIS Campus

The Baniyas East School campus in Abu Dhabi provides an in-person tour on the campus that can be booked through the website and a virtual tour is also provided. The campus has a Montessori lab, music room, football grounds, indoor swimming pool, IT lab, A/V room, individual practice room, and more.

All these different factors mentioned above help the students at GIIS in Abu Dhabi achieve high-performance and good results through the infrastructure and learning.