10 best secrets to creating a better vlog with your mobile phone

In this era of technology, you have seen many people having their own channel on youtube and vlogging their lives to earn a decent amount of money. However, at some point in life, we all must have thought about vlogging too but due to less knowledge and lack of equipment, we never tried to put that thought into action.

10 best secrets to creating a better vlog with your mobile phone

But what if we tell you that you can make amazing vlogs without heavy and expensive cameras. You can start your vlogging life within the budget you have. Yes, it is possible to make magical vlogs with your cell phones with the secrets we are going to tell you.

  • Enough lights
  • Microphones
  • A good phone with a reasonable camera
  • Look at the camera lens not on the screen
  • Video editing
  • Shoot your vlogs while putting your phone on airplane mode
  • Place your phone in horizontal mode
  • Keep moving
  • Always record a test footage
  • Make the content interesting

Enough Lights

Whether you have a low-quality camera or an expensive one, lighting plays an important role in deciding the quality of your video. Therefore, always make sure you are getting the perfect lighting for your vlogs.

Too dim light or bright light will make your video unattractive to the viewers and lower the quality of your vlogs. Thus you should consider replacing the incandescent bulbs with CFLs also you do not need much light but a minimum of two lights for getting a good video. One light will be used to give general illumination to the video and another light will be used to remove the shadow by putting it against the first light.


Clear audio is very important for a good quality vlog; therefore, make sure you have a microphone connected to your mobile device so that the viewers can hear your voice and your content clearly and enjoy your vlogs. In talking vlogs, a lapel mike with the clip or lavalier is enough to give good quality audio to your vlogs.

A Good Phone With a Reasonable Camera

A good phone with a decent camera is required to make your vlogging viral. There are many phones available in the market with decent cameras that can make your vlogging dream true such as oppo reno 4f, iPhone 12 pro max, Samsung Galaxy S21. These phones have very good quality cameras and can save you from the expense of buying high-priced vlogging cameras. 

Oppo reno 4f has 128 GB memory in which you can save all your draft videos and 48MP back camera and a 16MP front camera to make amazing videos with your phone. Moreover, the cost of Oppo reno 4f is only Rs 57,100.

However, the iPhone 12 has a 12MP back camera and 12MP front camera that will give you good videos and memory up to 512 GB. Although we all know that iPhones are a bit pricey and iPhone 12 will cost you Rs 297,830. 

Also, the Samsung Galaxy S21 has a 12MP back camera and 10 MP front camera with a built-in memory of 256GB. Whereas the price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 is 184,999.

Look At The Camera Lens Not on the Screen

Make sure to always look at the camera lens while recording your vlogs instead of looking at the screen because if you look at the screen it will give your videos a strange look. While looking at the black dot of the camera seems weird but it will give your audience the illusion that you are directly looking at them and talking to them. If you are a beginner this process would be difficult for you; therefore, to make it easier and to avoid looking at the screen you can place a card on the screen for your practice. 

Video Editing

One of the most important aspects of vlogging is the editing of videos. Because even if you do everything correct but your video editing is not right it can give you bad vlogging videos. You must know where and how to edit these videos, also you should know when and how you should put an effect in the video to make it more eye-catching. 

Moreover, the decision of what clips should be added and what clips should be removed while editing the video is a crucial process. Some of the software that you can use while editing your videos are Open Shot, Adobe Premiere Pro, Light works pro, Powerdirector. These apps can help you in the editing process of your vlog and make it more interesting for the audience. 

Shoot Your Vlog While putting Your Phone In Airplane Mode

Always make sure to put your phone on airplane mode while shooting vlogs because it can save you from the disturbance of messages or calls and give you a smooth vlog. The disturbance caused by a call or text message can break the consistency of vlog and make it look incomplete and inconsistent.

Place Your Phone in Horizontal Mode

Always be sure while making vlogs that your phone should be oriented horizontally so that you can cover a wide area and also the audience will watch your video in landscape mode on their screens. Therefore, shooting in vertical mode will cause black bars on the screen of your viewers which does not look nice and lower the quality of the vlog. Whereas, landscape mode will give a better view to your vlogs and it saves you from the black bars on the side of your video.

Keep Moving

Make sure to move a little bit more than usual so that your vlogs will not get boring. Moreover, movement will make you look enthusiastic and passionate. Your audience would like to see the energy in you; they don’t want to see boring vlogs. Also, use a remote shutter, so that you don’t have to move again and again to start or stop a video as it can cause shaking in your videos. You can get a reasonable video shutter in almost a range of 2000 PKR.

Furthermore, make sure your vlogs should look spontaneous rather than scripted because people would prefer to see the real you and it will develop their interest more rather than the scripted you.

Always Record A Test Footage

Always record test footage before recording a full-length vlog to see if you are happy with the lighting, quality, voice, and angle of your camera. Always do a test check and if you are happy with the test check then you are ready to shoot your full-length vlog.

Make The Content Interesting

Even if you have the equipment and expensive cameras but your vlogs are boring, you will get zero views and no appreciation from the audience so one of the most important aspects of vlogging is to make your content interesting enough to grab the attention of the audience. Try to watch vlogs of famous vloggers and try to pick from their videos what they are doing uniquely and how they are handling the editing and camera part.

Start Vlogging Today!

Start your vlog today, continue with the improvisation in each video. Do follow the above-mentioned secrets for an amazing vlog. Buy some basic equipment and make your vlogs worth watching.