Best Ways to Remove Hair from the Carpet

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If you are someone who has lots of pets at your house, then you would surely understand the frustration of too many pet hair strands stuck in your carpets. It is not just the pets that shed hair, but humans also face hair loss, leading to a large accumulation of hair strands in the carpets. Carpet fibers easily trap these hair, and even the vacuum cleaner cannot properly get rid of them. Sometimes, people try to pick the hair from the carpets with their hands, which is inconvenient and a big headache. So, if you are facing this problem as well, just follow some simple ways shared below in detail and make your carpets free from all types of hair.

1- Buy a Carpet Rake

A carpet rake is very similar to a rubber broom and is a convenient hair remover for carpets. It goes deep into the carpet’s fibers to extract the loose hair. A common carpet cleaning rake consists of long bristles and thin metallic needles that catch hair easily. Whether it’s pet hair or long human hair, a carpet rake can easily remove them. Simply slide the rake over the carpet, and it will pull out the strands of hair that are stuck on the surface and deep into the fibers as well. With each stroke, it collects and removes the hair easily. Since it is very easy to use carpet rakes, many people prefer them to remove hair from their carpets.

2- Use a Pile Roller

A pile or lint roller is an indispensable tool for cleaning pet fur and other hair from the carpet. You can find different types of lint rollers available in the market, but according to experts, the Dense Roller is the best one for this task. It is an inexpensive tool that peels the sheet in multiple layers, exposing a new adhesive sheet with each use. When the roller loses its stickiness, straighten the sheet, discard it, and use a new roller. When the sheet is full, roll it up and remove it.

3- Invest In a Good Quality Bristle Brush

Having a bristle brush inside the house solves many problems, and getting rid of carpet hair is one of them. You can easily pick up hair from the carpet with the use of this brush. It is perfect for collecting long human hair as well as short hair. However, if your knees hurt and you don’t want to fall to the ground, buy a brush that has a long handle. Brush with a long handle with stiff bristles digs deep into the carpet. This means that you will spend less time removing hair than a small brush.

4- Wear Latex Gloves

Using rubber gloves is the cheapest way to remove hair from a carpet. Also, just like regular rubber gloves are used to clean aisles, latex gloves can be used on carpets, eliminating the need for expensive cleaners and equipment. Rubber gloves create a static force that makes the hair in the carpet stick to the gloves of your hands. Here’s how to remove hair from the carpet using rubber gloves.

  • Prepare yourself to remove the hair from the carpet by putting on the rubber gloves and scrubbing the carpet with your hands. Friction between your hand and the carpet creates static energy that lifts the fur and lint particles from the carpet to your gloves.
  • Before scrubbing the carpet, wet your hands and then scrub the carpet well. Wet gloves lift the hair off the carpet and allow it to stick to the carpet. However, you need to rub in one direction to get the hair collected at one spot.
  • Collect the collected hair, dispose of it, and rinse your gloves by putting your hands in a basin of hot water.

5- Use a Fabric Softener

A fabric softener is an inexpensive and highly effective product that can help you remove carpet hair. It is the same softener used in laundry, and along with that, you will need water, spray bottles, vacuum cleaners, or brushes. Here are the steps you can follow.

  • Add a considerable amount of fabric softener to water and make a solution.
  • Then add this solution to the spray bottle for use. Lightly spray the solution onto the carpet. But you must ensure that you don’t spray too much. A little spray on the carpet is enough.
  • Wait a few minutes until the solution gets dry. Spraying a light mist shouldn’t take too long. Fabric softener loosens stubborn hair, so you can easily remove them with the help of a vacuum cleaner. 

The simple ways shared above are quite effective in removing hair from the carpets. Follow them, and you won’t face any problem cleaning your carpets next time.