Big difference Between NodeJs VS AngularJs

What do you mean by Node JS?

Node.js happens like a cross platform runtime library and a breeding ground for operating JavaScript apps outside the browser. It’s an open and free source application used to produce server-side JS software.

We apply Java Script for writing apps in Node.js. One can conduct the application over the Run Time of Node.js on Linux and Microsoft Windows. A rich library of different JavaScript modules is provided via this frame for streamlining the web development procedure.

What can you mean by Angular JS?

AngularJS appears to be a structural frame that is used to develop dynamic web software. It enables the developers to take advantage of HTML while the template language allows the syntax of HTML to temporarily and clearly express the application’s components.

AngularJS is a comprehensive JavaScript framework whose chief purpose would be to simplify. Angular JS growth services offer aid for creating dynamic and single-page web applications, and in addition, it supports the developing structure of (MVC).

In the following paragraphs, we will study the distinction between Angular JS and Node JS Incomprehensive detail:

NodeJS Vs AngularJS

Core Architecture

Google has treated AngularJS because of the web app development framework. Angular has been composed entirely in JavaScript as compared to additional JavaScript frameworks. The JavaScript syntax regulations are followed with it. On the opposite side, NodeJS was assembled based on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine as being a cross-platform run time frame. It’s been written in a variety of developing languages, including JavaScript, C, in addition to C++.

Web Framework

When compared with NodeJS, AngularJS happens for a web platform. Most developers can apply the web framework to automate common development jobs while creating different software applications – web applications, websites, web services, and web app frame. JavaScript Developers cannot properly use NodeJS in the type of web framework.


Node JS development services should be able to make use of JavaScript for writing NodeJS applications. But, it is very important to conduct the applications inside the runtime environment on various platforms, including Linux, Windows, and macOS. Because of this, NodeJS needs to be installed by the developers using some Node JS development company in their computers while developing the development atmosphere. Conversely, there’s no demand for those Developers to install AngularJS on their computers. They might embed the AngularJS files in the codebase, similar to additional JavaScript files.

Essential Features

MVC architectural design is encouraged by NodeJS as well as AngularJS. But, both these JavaScript-based technologies come with unique features. AngularJS enables developers to use HTML in the shape of a template speech. Developers can also be allowed to extract unique components of a web app by stretching the syntax from HTML. Moreover, AngularJS helps streamline the development of lively and single-page web apps by offering features such as extent, data binding, deep-linking, directives, templates and filters, routing, in addition to dependency injection.

Instead of being truly a server-side framework, NodeJS selects innovative features that the developers want for building server-side and media apps. The features provided by NodeJS may enable the Developers to simplify the introduction of video streaming websites, single-page websites, and related I/O intensive web apps. Furthermore, Developers can use NodeJS for using asynchronous APIs while significantly enhancing the speed of code implementation. The developers may likewise use NodeJS in making the web apps offer advice in chunks without any buffering.

Working with Statistics

Along with applying MVC architectural design in a particular way, AngularJS also supports two-way data linking. The bidirectional transmitting of data helps keep the information between your web app models and view components coordinated automatically. However, AngularJS doesn’t need any potential to write queries the online database. Conversely, developers can use NodeJS for generating database queries in JavaScript. Therefore, it is simpler for Developers to build database questions for non-relational databases such as CouchDB and MongoDB by addressing syntactic discrepancies.

Paradigm Support and Developing Language

Several developing languages aside from JavaScript are encouraged by NodeJS in addition to AngularJS. These two JavaScript-based technologies also support several developing paradigms which are generally utilized. AngularJS supports developing paradigms that are thing-oriented, procedural, and event-driven. Simultaneously NodeJS supports functional, object-oriented, concurrency-oriented, event-driven, in addition to sub/pub developing paradigms.


JavaScript developers make use of AngularJS for creating client-side and single-page web apps. The features offered by the platform further make creating real-time and immersive software simpler for Developers. Conversely, Developers make use of NodeJS for creating fast in addition to scalable networking and server-side apps. The cross platform framework tools also enable developers to create apps involving interactive editing or drawing in real-time.

AngularJS as a whole is a client-side platform, while NodeJS is a multi-platform runtime environment. The JavaScript Developers could incorporate NodeJS and AngularJS to streamline the production of isomorphic apps. They’re also able to use AngularJS and NodeJS as two major components of me an application pile along with ExpressJS along with MongoDB.


Both the AngularJS and NodeJS chance to be open source projects while their main aim is to simplify the web application process by taking advantage of JavaScript. Simultaneously, their working model and architecture will also be quite distinctive. Both have come with an array of features that can be employed for creating different kinds of software.