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Bollards – Types and Differences

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bollard types

Bollards are used for a variety of purposes, but the primary goal of their installation is to protect both property and people. Bollards are frequently used to keep cars out of pedestrian areas. These are used as a barrier between parking lots and sidewalks or buildings. They can also be utilized to reduce traffic congestion by lowering the number of lanes available. These little poles provide excellent vehicle protection while enabling pedestrian access.

Safety Bollards can be used for a variety of purposes in addition to those listed above. As a result, having a variety of these is a no-brainer. Knowing the many types of bollards and their purposes might assist you in determining which one is best for your requirements. The following are some of the several varieties of bollards and their applications.

Standard Bollards

In high-traffic locations, standard bollards are frequently employed. They make it impossible for vehicles to drive onto a sidewalk or an open pedestrian space. They also offer long-lasting impact resistance, preventing heavy vehicles from entering limited locations.

In most cases, safety bollard caps are permanently installed. They are usually made of metal and painted bright yellow to make them stand out. When utilized on private land, the bollard is frequently stripped down to its bare metal surface.

The impact resilience of these bollards is mostly due to their strong attachment to the ground, despite the hard material they are composed of.

Removed Bollards

When flexibility is required, removable bollards are employed. When more space is needed, they can be removed from the property and replanted at any time. They are less impact-resistant than permanent bollards, but they are still strong enough to keep vehicles out of a restricted area.

Access to private property is also restricted by movable bollards. Such bollards are sometimes secured with a padlock. Only those who are authorized (and have the key) will be able to gain access to secret areas in this manner. This can be utilized in commercial driveways and/or parking lots at places of business.

Bollards that retract

This sort of bollard is intended to protect an area’s access and exit points. When entry restrictions are required, they are often lifted from the ground and retracted when an authorized vehicle requires access. Retractable bollards, unlike removable bollards, are frequently mechanized. It is also one of the most durable forms of bollard, with exceptional impact resistance.

Retractable bollards can be seen on residential properties, business locations, and government buildings. They are typically used in locations that demand both strong security and accessibility.

Bollards for parking

Parking-bollards are used to keep cars from parking in designated areas. This might happen at a government facility or your place of business.

Metal bollards for sale in Melbourne with a hinge at the bottom are the most common. It is less impact-resistant than retractable and safe bollards because of this feature.

Only an authorized individual can ‘fold’ parking-bollards horizontally. The horizontal bollard will still take up space on the ground, but it will be low enough for a vehicle to park beneath it.

Movable bollards

Flexible bollards are not meant to be permanent. At any time, they can be relocated to a new location.

Bollards of this type are usually orange in color and constructed of plastic. A car will simply bend when it collides with a plastic bollard. They can move back and forth without causing any damage to the vehicle’s structure.

Flexible bollard

These are frequently used to keep traffic away from construction sites. On roadways, parking lots, and other shared areas with vehicles and people, construction bollards are employed. It assists cars in avoiding potentially dangerous construction sites and/or breakdowns. Its purpose is to provide visual guidance for motorists, not to provide high-impact protection.

Construction Bollards

Bollards offer a secure method of impact resistance. It contributes to the safety of those trapped behind the barricades. In the event of an accident, bollards can absorb the impact of a car, preventing pedestrian injuries and major property damage.

Decorative Bollard

Who says bollards have to be uninspiring and uninteresting? The one-of-a-kind bollards can be used to secure an area while also complementing the building’s design and landscape.

There are numerous decorative bollards, such as the following:

Round concrete bollards

Bollards are made of concrete in the shape of a circle. These concrete round bollards are cylindrical. These are used to keep pedestrian traffic under control and to increase safety. It can also be used as a bench or stool due to its shape. It is available in a variety of colors, which only add to its appeal. Consider utilizing bollards if you own a business or are working on a construction project. It will increase worker safety and reduce the number of costly incidents.

Bollards are useful for securing and controlling traffic flow.

According to our comprehensive guide on vehicle management and security, bollards can be used to secure both private and commercial property, manage traffic flow, and protect valuables. When it comes to choosing the right type of bollards, knowing what you need and want is crucial. Many different types of bollards and their applications are utilized depending on the traffic management purpose. With a little research, you will be able to find one that best meets your requirements.

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