7 BPO Recruitment Strategies To Hire The Best Talent

BPO employment has an unfavorable connotation for many individuals, thanks to the widespread perception of dingy call centers where employees are forced to work long hours for low pay and the high attrition rates within the business. As one might expect, this complicates things for recruiters, especially those that rely on more traditional means of finding qualified candidates, such as job boards and recruiting firms. To avoid a self-fulfilling prophecy of poor hires and high turnover rates, you have to settle for the best talent you can find.

Recruiters are constantly being provided with new tools and resources to help them deal with this particular problem. When it comes to overcoming people’s preconceptions and attracting young, enthusiastic prospects, recruitment marketing, and recruitment marketing automation might be crucial. You can find out here leading BPO recruitment agencies.

Meet where they are

Traditional recruiting techniques, such as posting jobs on job boards, don’t work well in the BPO industry because the best candidates can’t be found on sites like Craigslist and Indeed. Generally speaking, only around 20% of the workforce is actively looking for work at any given moment, which means that you’re effectively separating yourself from the other 80%. BPO’s new hires tend to be younger; thus, this ratio may be even more unbalanced than it already is. By focusing on the other 80% who may be found via more traditional means, you will miss out on many younger candidates active on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Suppose your employer brand (more on that in a minute) is consistently displayed to applicants as part of their regular online surfing and smartphone usage. In that case, they will begin internalizing your message. The majority of the people you meet there will not want to apply right away; that much is certain. Many of them will eventually apply for a position at your company. Those that use out of genuine curiosity will pass through your hiring process more swiftly and may even present a lower turnover risk. Why? As a result, they’ll have shown genuine interest in your firm and the chances you have to offer.

Employer Branding in the BPO Industry

One of the most important aspects of a successful employer brand strategy is to reshape people’s perceptions of working in a BPO company and what it means to be an employee. The next step is to promote your organization as a potential source of employment in the industry. Much work and content may be required, but this is a clear path to resolving any staffing issues.

The good news is that when it comes to reshaping public perception, there are various options available. If you look at other areas where shift work is expected (such as transportation, healthcare, etc.) and compare it to BPO, you may see the stigma associated with it lessen. It’s much less likely that potential employees will regard your company as merely giving dead-end positions if you provide them a clear route for professional advancement right from the start. The most excellent way to draw attention to a recent success story in your company’s workforce, such as a call center employee who has recently been promoted to a more desirable and financially rewarding management role, is to develop material that emphasizes this individual. Show a team member celebrating success and explain how their personal goals and the company’s overall goals came to coincide. Ambitious applicants who might otherwise have ruled out the entire business will be drawn in by this method of attracting them.

An applicant’s previous experience might be a powerful tool in a job search

It’s critical to focus on the applicant experience after you’ve mastered your employer brand to attract and engage the next generation of top talent. You may create a great impression on your potential hires by clearly and firmly demonstrating that you value their time and effort, especially in an industry that has a reputation for not appreciating its workers. What’s your secret? To begin with, you can do away with the time-consuming application procedures that are all too frequent in today’s employment practices. Your applicants will appreciate you for not abandoning your application process early. You offer them an easy option to apply with only a few clicks from their mobile phones instead of a clumsy, mobile-unfriendly UX environment.

Become well-versed in the complexities of outsourcing

As a result, many BPOs from the United States and Europe have set up operations in India and the Philippines. Although outsourcing saves BPO organizations a lot of money (as labor expenses are drastically reduced), it adds a new dimension to the recruitment issues for such BPO companies: international hiring.

Because of the scarcity of qualified workers and the fierce competition, offshore — or locating employees from outside the country — is becoming increasingly challenging. An offshore BPO team may have tens to thousands of open roles to fill when it is needed quickly. In addition, many organizations prefer to set up such offshore BPO teams in multiple locations rather than just one due to the lower cost.

Hire to limit turnover

In many circumstances, BPO positions are viewed as stressful and low-paying, which they are. The BPO industry has a high turnover rate because of these factors.

However, they aren’t the only causes of attrition. Candidates may not have a clear picture of the work, and their expectations may differ from reality. Many employees leave their jobs because of this discrepancy between their expectations and what they get.

Reward Program for Referrals

They are likely to have a group of similarly educated and driven friends. To encourage employees to bring in applicants they believe are suited for the company, create a referral bonus program in which they receive a bonus for every successful hire.

The Use of Online Classified Ads and Advertisements

As a recruiter, you’ll still need to post job listings online or offline, depending on your target demographic. Instead of trawling through hundreds of resumes, utilize a video interviewing program or collaborate with job sites to build out preliminary screening questions during the application intake process.


It’s challenging to find new employees for a BPO. Hiring top talent in the BPO market is difficult since the field is stigmatized as low-paying and unwelcome to workers, as any recruiter or HR professional will tell you.

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