Unique Exposed Brick Interior Design Ideas for Homes

If you’re looking for some unique exposed brick interior design ideas for homes, we’ve got you covered. Exposed brick is one of the best ways to add character to your home and break up the monotony of a white wall or ceiling. It can give any room an industrial feel while adding warmth and coziness at the same time! 

Exposed brick gives a home or room an industrial and cozy feel:

Exposed brick is the use of the original surface of a building’s foundation or walls, rather than covering it up with drywall. It can be used in interior design to give a home or room an industrial and cozy feel.

The exposed brick will give your home a unique look, as well as add character to your space. The color scheme you choose for your room will depend on what kind of look you want to achieve with exposed brick. For example, if you have white walls and floors with dark furniture, then adding red or brown colored bricks would be ideal because these colors will complement each other nicely! You can contact brick & stone masonry contractors or you can even do it yourself.

Remember that not all bricks are created equal:

Bricks are made from different materials, which means that they will look different and have different properties.

For example, some bricks will be more porous than others; this means that they’ll absorb moisture more easily and can be damaged by water. Other bricks are more brittle or prone to cracking. So when choosing an exposed brick decor, it’s important to remember that not all bricks are created equal!

Use different tones of paint to break up the bricks:

You can also use different tones of the same color to break up the bricks. For example, if you have a brick wall that’s painted light gray, try painting it with a darker shade of gray or even black. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous and want something more unique than just one solid color, try using two different shades of blue for example (light blue over dark). Or how about three? You could even add another color into the mix!

Another way to break up your brick walls is by adding texture and patterns–the possibilities are endless here! Thus making your home much attractive, and in this way you can easily put up your house for rent for a good amount of money!

Add interest to your space by repeating a pattern in a different color:

Brick is a great way to add interest and color to your space. It can be used on the floor or ceiling, or both!

  • Use brick in a pattern to make a statement in your home. Brick has been a popular material for building since ancient times, so why not use it as decoration? If you’re going for something bold and unique, try repeating a pattern of bricks on either the floor or ceiling (or both). The repetition will make an impact without being too busy–it’s just enough to add some visual interest without overwhelming your space.
  • Add interest with color by using different hues of brick throughout your room (and even outside). Brick comes in many different shades from deep reds to light browns–use them all! You could even paint over existing walls with different shades if necessary; just make sure they complement each other well before applying any new coats of paint so everything blends together seamlessly once finished

There are plenty of places online that can help!

If you’re still looking for some unique ideas for exposed brick interior design ideas for homes, there are plenty of places online that can help!

While it may seem like an overwhelming task to find the right style and look for your home, there are actually a lot of great resources out there that will help get you started, such as Pinterest: This social media platform is one of the best ways to get inspired by other people’s work. It has millions of different boards where users post photos and videos relating to their interests (in this case, exposed brick interior design). You can even search specifically within these categories so that it’s easy enough just by typing “exposed brick” into the search bar!

Create a Wall of Bricks:

A brick wall can be the perfect way to divide a room into two different areas. It could also be used as a focal point in your home, or even as an accent wall. For example, if you have an open floor plan and want to create separate areas for entertaining guests and relaxing with friends, consider using a brick wall as a divider between them.

If you’re looking for something subtler than just having exposed brick on one side of your living room or dining area (and let’s be honest–you are), try adding baseboards around each section of exposed brick so that it looks like part of the overall design rather than an afterthought.

Use Brick in the Dining Room Area:

The first thing to consider when you’re thinking about using brick in your dining room area is that you can use it as a backsplash. This will give your space an industrial feel, while also keeping it neat and clean. You can also use this same concept on the wall behind your stovetop or counter space. This way, you don’t have anything blocking your view of what’s going on in the kitchen while still giving off that rustic look that so many people love!

Use Brick as a Wallpaper or Decor Element:

Brick is a versatile material, and you can use it in many ways. If you have an exposed brick interior design element, like a fireplace or wall of bricks, why not take advantage of this by adding some brick wallpaper? This will help to tie the look together and make it feel cohesive while also giving the room more visual interest.

To take things a step further, consider using an exposed brick decor element like a planter box or shelf to display items such as plants or books that would complement your space well. You could even try painting over some white bricks with bright colors like yellow or blue for a playful pop!

Exposed brick fireplace wall:

A brick fireplace wall can be a great addition to any room, and it’s especially helpful in creating a focal point. The exposed brick will add charm and character to your interior design, while giving off that homey feeling that only comes from fireplaces.

To use this in your own home, all you need is some patience! It’ll take some time for the bricks to dry out after being exposed to water (or whatever), so make sure they’re completely dry before painting over them with whatever color scheme fits your style best.

Be aware of the moisture in the room where you want to use exposed brick:

Bricks are porous, so they absorb moisture and can become discolored. They can also be damaged by mold and mildew if you don’t seal them properly. Be aware of how much moisture will be in the room where you want to use exposed brick. If it’s going to be an area with a lot of moisture from cooking or showering (for example), then this kind of flooring might not be for you!

Consider installing a backsplash even if you don’t like them in general:

A backsplash is a great way to add an accent to your kitchen. Backsplashes can be used to hide the countertop, backs of cabinets and even add color if you don’t like the white look. This can be done by painting it with a color that matches your walls or adding tiles made out of glass or ceramic material that come in many different colors and textures.

Get creative with other textures, such as adding stones on top of the brick:

If you’re looking for an exposed brick interior design idea that’s unique, try getting creative with other textures. For example, you can use different kinds of bricks and stones on top of them. The result will be an eclectic look that’s sure to impress guests.

Another way to add some variety is by using different colors in your home–for example, painting one wall white while leaving another black or gray. The contrast between these two shades will make a statement! Or try mixing and matching colors; this technique produces unexpected results that may surprise both you and those who visit your home.


Bricks are an incredible interior design tool that you should use more often in your home! Exposed brick can be used in a variety of ways in interior design to add a unique touch to any room.

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