How To Bulk Convert PST to EML Including Attachments

Are you exploring the techniques to convert PST to EML? Many users nowadays searching for questions about how to convert Outlook to EML. So, here you will find the easy solution to create PST from EML files. With this instruction, you can easily export PST to EML without technical knowledge. In this blog, we have mentioned the two manual and professional technique to convert PST file to EML. In the professional method, we will use a tool named Sysinfo PST to EML Converter tool. But before that, we should know the reasons responsible for PST to EML migration.

Condition Under Which Users Convert PST to EML

Various factors are responsible for converting PST to EMl. Let us look at some of them:-

  1. EML file is compatible with multiple email clients whereas PST file is compatible with only Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Accessing and reading EML file is easy.
  3. EML works on all types of devices like smartphones, Windows, and more.

These are some common reasons to convert PST to EML. Now, let’s go to the manual method to convert Outlook to EML. 

How to Convert PST to EML Manually?

There are two different manual techniques we will describe here in this blog step by step. The methods are given below:-

  1. Using Outlook Drag and Drop technique
  2. Using the Thunderbird Import option

Now, we will explain the methods one by one. The first method is mentioned in the next phase.

Method 1. Using Outlook Drage and Drop techniques

In this way, we will use Microsoft Outlook to convert PST to EML.  To convert the PST file follow the given steps:-

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your system.
  2. Now, select the PST data that you want to export and start the dragging 
  3. You need to continue dragging the file until you reach the main screen on the system
  4. Now drop the emails on the screen of the Desktop Computer

Follow these instructions mentioned above to convert PST to EML. You can also use another manual method that is noted in the below phase.

Method 2. Using Thunderbird Import Option

  1. Launch Mozilla Thunderbird on your system
  2. Now go to the Tools and Click on Import Option
  3. After that, choose everything and Click on the Next button.
  4. Then, select Outlook and hit the Next button to start the process
  5. To complete the process, it takes a few minutes.
  6. After converting PST to EML, choose all the files and then click on the “Save as” option.
  7. Choose the folder where you want to save the file.

The above manual steps are not suitable for non-technical people. However, the manual methods are difficult for novice users. We will discuss the disadvantages of manual methods.

Limitations Of Using Manual Methods

There are some weak points of using manual methods that are given below:-

  1. The highest chance of data losses and data corruption.
  2. It takes lots of time and effort to complete the process.
  3. You can only convert one PST data at a time by using them.
  4. To perform the manual process you need to download Outlook and Thunderbird applications.
  5. It does not provide advanced features like a Mail filter, preview feature, etc.

These all are limitations of using the manual method, if you want to use another method then you can use the professional that is mentioned in the next context.

Professional Method to Convert PST to EML

The best solution to export PST to email is using an automated method. In the professional approach, use a reliable tool named PST to EML Converter. The software has an interactive user interface that makes the process easy. It allows users to create PST from EML files without losing small data. It also maintains the original format of the PST file during the conversion process. By using this method, you can apply its date range filter feature to select data according to a specific date. The software enables bulk conversion to save time and effort. Now, let us look at the whole post in the next section.

Final Words

We explained here the best available techniques to convert PST to EML. It contains two manuals and a smart way to export PST to EML. We discuss here the step-by-step process to convert Outlook EML manually. However, the manual methods are not safe to protect data and it’s difficult for novice users. Therefore, I suggest you use the professional option to safely convert PST file to EML.