Buy Indian Vegetables Online in Germany at 10 – 15% Discount


We all buy groceries and products for daily consumption from various stores. Though the stores offer a variety but largely the brands and quality of the products differs from store to store. Dookan is a trustworthy grocery partner for all the expats living in India. Not only it offers brands and products of premium quality, it also offers various discount offers, rebates and bundle offers that always help you save more and buy more. Read the complete article to know how you can save more and earn 10 – 15% discount while Shopping Indian vegetables Online in Germany with Dookan.

How to Get a 10 – 15% Discount on Indian Vegetables in Germany?

Buy Indian Vegetables Online in Germany at 10 – 15% Discount

Dookan offers great discounts to reduce the burden on your pockets. We will discuss various coupons that they have to offer so that you buy more and save more.

  1. SPRINGSALE15: Use this coupon during the ongoing spring sale to avail a discount of 15% flat on a minimum purchase of 75 EUR. 
  2. SPRINGSALE10: Use this coupon to avail a flat 10% discount on the items. The terms and conditions being the cart value must be at least 55 EUR. Avail the golden opportunity and buy the items of your interest at flat 10% off!
  3. SPRINGSALE05: Use the coupon to avail a flat 5% off on a cart worth a minimum of 39 EUR.

***The spring sale discounts are available on all the products except for the fruits and       veggies and the monthly cashbacks that are availed by the consumers.

There are discount codes for new customers as well:

  1. NEWCUSTEUR05: This discount coupon can be utilized by the new customers on a minimum cart of 55 EUR. New customers can avail a flat discount of 5% with this discount code.
  2. NEWCUSTEUR10: This discount coupon can be utilized by the new customers on a minimum cart value of 95 EUR. A flat reduction of 10% in cost can be availed by using this discount code.

Some other discount codes offered by Dookan:

  1. INSTANT15: Use this code to avail a discount of 15% on a minimum cart of 150 EUR. Offer not applicable on veggies and the monthly cashback schemes.
  1. INSTANT10: This code can be utilised to avail a discount of 10% on a cart value of 99 EUR and above. The order will not be included in monthly cashbacks. Discount will not be available on the veggies.  

So, these are the offers that you will receive while buying Indian Vegetables in Germany from, the best store for Indian Groceries Online in Germany.

Indian Vegetables Online in Germany at Low Cost

1. Okra / Bhindi:

Dookan offers 500 gm Okra (Bhindi) at 2,99 EUR. Other store owners provide Okra at a much higher rate and they don’t even offer free shipping if the cart doesn’t reach a particular limit. You can always apply the above coupons to make your purchases even more economic!

2. Arvi Taro Root

Rich in essential vitamins, this is an essential part of the Indian dietary habit. Dookan offers Arvi Taro Root at prices so reasonable, no other store can come close. The discount coupons are applicable on the orders for Arvi Taro Roots as well. 

3. Bitter Gourd / Karela

Karela is great for health conscious people. It is rich in antioxidants and allows for many health benefits. Though its taste is popularly disliked but majority of Indians include it in their dietary habits to get fitter and for a better lifestyle. Dookan offers Bitter Gourd/ Karela at reasonable prices that are affordable and no other store comes close.

4. Cluster Beans / Guar ki Fali

500 gm cluster beans are offered at 3,99 EUR. The stated price is much lower than that offered by the other stores. Great source of proteins and other vitamins, cluster beans are an important part of the Indian diet. They can get even more economic if you apply for the coupon codes.

5. Long Beans / Lobia

Offered at 3,99 EUR for 500 gms, these long beans are a great source of various vitamins, minerals and other body building foods. Applying the above coupon codes can give you an additional 5%, 10% or 15% discount on the prices. 

Tips on How to Get Fresh Vegetable

Dookan gets fresh veggies and fruits delivered to your doorsteps irrespective of the timing that you choose for this. The fruits and veggies are fresh in the true sense and no crumpled veggie or fruit can make their way into your kitchen with Dookan. They are sourced fresh and delivered the same to you.

Here are some tips to help you choose fresh vegetables:

  1. Check the expiry and best before date before buying the product. This helps you to get the freshest product possible.
  2. Check the reviews of the products. Reviews allow you to check the trust of the consumer and the quality of the product provided by store.
  3. Discount offers, monthly cashbacks, and app exclusive offers are a great way to invest in the fresh veggies and fruits.
  4. After buying products, a good customer care service always helps in returning of the products if they are expired and/ or their quality is not upto the mark. 


Choose Dookan, choose a hectic free life. Dookan allows you to get your daily groceries as well as the fresh Indian Vegetables in Germany delivered at your doorstep. They deliver at the timing convenient to you so that you can get the ultimate satisfaction as well as the ultimate premium quality products as well as fruits and veggies. The fresh produce is delivered in fresh quality at your doorstep so that you eat better, stay better and live better!

So What are you looking for? Do Indian Vegetables Online Shopping in Germany and enjoy the taste of Indian Dishes in Germany.