A Plugin Competent At Leveraging the Buying Experience of Your Online Eyewear Store

Today’s 21st-century shoppers don’t want to leave their comfort zone to buy products or services they want. Getting things delivered right at their door is what they prefer. This is the reason the e-commerce sector is evolving with ever-increasing demands and needs of the modern customer. 

Due to the hype in online shopping, new plugins are unveiling every day to make the shopping experience as smooth as possible. Today, there is a multitude of online stores available out there, allowing customers to buy prescription lenses or eyewear through their electronic devices. 

As an admin, it might be challenging for you to set up your online prescription store and then maintain it, but there are some innovative plugins that can ease the task for you. Let’s talk about one such plugin!

WordPress Contact Lens Prescription Plugin

WooCommerce Contact Lens Plugin or WordPress Prescription Lens Plugin is an innovative solution for eye glasses and lenses selling platforms. This is a powerful extension that turns your digital lens store into an online store, allowing customers to easily purchase the lenses prescribed to them. 

By using this plugin, you can allow buyers to enter all the details of the lens, choose the lens type prescribed to them, and much more.

WordPress Contact Lens Prescription Plugin is very effective at building your eye glasses and lenses website quickly and smoothly. As it is powered by WooCommerce, the plugin is fully automated where it features select lens options. 

In a nutshell, you can easily increase your online sale by adding this plugin to your eyewear store. 

What’s The Buzz about This Plugin?

WooCommerce Prescription and Lenses plugin is a highly responsive and mobile-supported extension that adds selectable options to WooCommerce products. The store administrator can create product options, set price for each option, and set prescription options. 

The extension is specifically designed and developed to help admins handle a large number of key tasks efficiently and easily. 

As WooCommerce Contact Lenses Prescription Plugin is loaded with an array of useful features, admins can enjoy a hassle-free creation and management of custom lens product options like Power, Cylinder, Axis, Base curve and diameter. 

Moreover, WordPress Contact Lens Prescription Plugin reduces the complexities involved in the whole process and significantly takes your customers’ online eyewear buying experience to the next level. The customers’ experience will enhance as they will find the right product on your store rather than landing on the other websites or stores. 

If you are interested in reaping the maximum benefits of WordPress Contact Lens Prescription Plugin, visit SoftProdigy Store today!

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