Top 10 Best Cakes For Your Soulmates On Their Birthday

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Are you nervous because your life partner’s birthday is arriving and you have no idea what to give them? Well, don’t worry, we are here to save you at the final moment. If you have not yet planned a big gift for your partner, you can wish them a cake. Do that early in the morning as soon as they wake up or at midnight, which would increase the thrill.

Some of the yummiest cakes which you can gift to your soulmates on their birthday are:

Heart-shaped love story cake

If you love your partner and want to express your feelings for them on their birthday, then a heart-shaped love story cake will do all the work. You can select whatever colours you want, but red will suit the occasion more.

Simple chocolate cake

This cake is fundamental, but you can make it unique by writing a note on it for yourself. Choose your own design heart-shaped, circle-shaped, or square-shaped it all depends on you. The best thing is you can order cake online in Mumbai, including pan India.

Classic birthday cake

This birthday cake is best if you want to throw a birthday surprise to your partner. Sure, it is simple, but you get enough space to write a small note for them. Usually vanilla and chocolate flavour, this classic birthday cake will be available online as well as offline. 

Molten lava cake

If your dear one is a huge fan of lava cake, you can try Molten Lava cake for them. There is something special about this lava cake that everyone finds yummy and delicious. You can decide its filling for yourself. Generally, it comes in vanilla and chocolate flavours, but many shops try other flavours.

Overloaded fruit cake

If your partner likes fruits, then you can try this overloaded fruit cake. You can suggest the fruits or instead get a pleasant surprise. This cake has a bread and cream base. It is then decorated with fruits on the above portion. If you want to use fruit inside the cake, you can ask the maker.

KitKat punch cake

Women love chocolate, and there is something special about KitKat. So, if you want to give your wife a cake and are muddled with questions like should you give her chocolate as well? Then this cake comes to an end, your confusion. This cake is cake as well as chocolate. Its base is bread and chocolate, and it is decorated with many KitKat.

Photo printed truffle

Are you planning a birthday bash for your partner? Order a photo printed on truffle cake. You can show your special one as well as your guests how much you love each other. Usually, it has a broad base. Then, you can add a flavour you like, for example, strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate. Choose the best moment for your partner or give a candid photo of your partner for the final touch, and you are done. 

Theme cake for your wife

You can order a theme cake for your partner. Use a birthday theme; if you are giving your wife a birthday cake, you can choose a shoe or sandal theme if your wife has a thing for them. If your wife loves bags, clutches, or purses, then order an accessory-themed cake. Makeup theme cakes are also famous among people these days.

Theme cake for husbands

If you are going to give your husband a theme cake, then there are various themes available. If your husband enjoys playing games like Minecraft, PUBG, or COD, you can easily order one. Various shops can send cakes to Delhi and even in pan India. You can gift a car-themed cake to your husband as well. 

Butterscotch and crunch cake

Butterscotch crunch cake is best for any occasion. This delicious cake is not only a mushy delight to your mouth, but you would love the crunchiness of butterscotch crumbs. 

With all these cakes given above, you will even stay out of the league, and you get a mouthwatering flavour for your partner’s birthday party. So, if you are done with the hunt for the perfect birthday cake to make your birthday’ birthday astonishing, then order your cake right now.