What are some techniques to cover car scratch?

car scratch repair

A car scratch is no less than a nightmare. And we know they are pretty nasty. Even a tiny scratch can ruin the entire look of the car and also decreases the value of the car. At the same time they can be a burden on your pocket. Car scratch repair can be tricky and, in most cases, and not very durable. You will ultimately have to get it fixed by the professionals at some point. But there are a few ways to disguise those scratches to make your car look as good as new.

So, if you are dealing with car scratch right here are the few options you can consider as an alternative to a complete car body painting.

Toothpaste DIY

Have you heard or tried removing scratches from CDs or DVDs ever? It is one of the recommended hacks in this case. Toothpaste contains abrasive properties which allows it to remove scratches. It is more or less like the function of sandpaper which is used to smoothen rough or scratched surfaces, but is gentler. Apply the toothpaste gently on the scratched area and fill up the space and flush with the surface. This does not mean that the toothpaste will make the scratches disappear magically. However, it will make the scratches less noticeable. This will give you enough time till you can go for your car body painting.

Cover with duct tape

We bet this is not a very impressive option and we are sure this has raised a lot of eyebrows already. This is not one of the best solutions for deep scratches or if the scratch runs for a considerable length. All it does is buy you some time for you to get the car scratch repair. This hack will work for minor scratches. But as a temporary solution this can work really well. All you need to do is find the duct tape of the same color as your car. Also, you need to apply the duct tape evenly without creating any crease line.

Touch up paint

Sometimes the car scratch repair can be managed with a little touch up paint or a spray paint. This works well tend the lighter or moderate damage. But for a temporary car painting solution, this can be an agreeable option.  Using a spray paint is an excellent hack if the scratch area is extensive. Though you will need to concentrate intensely. Here the tricky part is to use the right color to match the color of your car. You will also need a little prep work before applying the paint. Clean the scratch area properly and smoothen it with sand paper before applying the paint. Finish it off with a clear wax coating.

High quality scratch repair kit

The automotive car care technology has made it possible to fix a number of car repair issues instantly and all by yourself. Car scratch repair being one of the them. In terms of dealing with damage related to car body painting work there are scratch removers available in the market. And these products are capable of assisting you pretty well for the damage control. Just to remember this is not an alternative to professional car painting service and will ultimately require the detailing work.

Transform the damage into artwork

If you have some time to spare and would love to give your vehicle a fancy and creative appearance this is for you. While some creative car owners go ahead with creative options like graffiti, customization and more. You can also go for stickers or decorative trims. This can effectively mask the damage with being budget friendly option. Apart from that it adds on to your style and personality as well.

All the above-mentioned hacks are temporary solutions and can in no way fix the car body painting damage permanently. The point is all these hacks can only buy you some time before you can get some professional help. All these options can save you from immediate expenses. We know everyone loves their car shiny and spotless and, in that case, you will need a lot of maintenance work. Scratches and car body painting damage are unavoidable, but fixing them is no rocket science. Although fixing them can cost you little it is wort getting a professional service as your car value can be enhance by doing so.

There upon if you have decided to go for professional service it is important that you choose the right place to get it done, after all you are the one spending the money. Car detailing includes a lot of technicality as well as a creativity so that the cars give away an appealing look. If your search for best car detailing in Dubai is on you can consider the services provided by ZDEGREE. They are one of the best car repair services in Dubai along with their other repair centers across UAE, which are Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Al Ain. Their car detailing services include a range of services for your vehicle including car body painting, paint-less dent removal, paint protection film and many more. They have a professional team and all the latest technologies to offer the best to their clients.

Apart from causing a damage to the looks a complete paintwork restoration can burn your pockets. The cost of car scratch repair or car body painting in most cases causes a good deal of money depending on the severity of the damage. Depending on the intensity of the damage and the solutions applicable the cost included can range from just differently. While the toothpaste and duct tape hack will not even be measured a spray paint or scratch removal kit can make you spend you a lot more. We would recommend you in that case to talk to the nearest service provider and get a comparison for the body work or if they are ready to offer you any discount as well. If you feel the burden is bearable there you go get your fixed without any delay.

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