June 25, 2022

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What is Ceramic Coating, Its Uses and Benefits

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ceramic coating

What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a long-term paint applied for the treatment and protection of vehicles by forming a layer on the surface. This liquid is applied by hand and is effective for many years if maintained properly. 

Those involved in the automobile industry prefer using these coatings because of the advantages it provides; resistance to harsh impact, heat resistance, etc. Ceramic coating is useful and used all over a vehicle, whether it be in the engine areas or even on the surface of the vehicle.

Ceramic coatings: What Are Their Benefits?

Protection from UV Damage / Oxidization

The paint of the vehicle can become dull over time with continuous exposure to the sun. This is because the paint begins to oxidise under UV rays. To protect the car paint of your car, ceramic coating is a good option as it reduces the level of UV rays the paint is exposed to. 

Hydrophobic Nature

Hydrophobic, by definition, is anything that is water repellent. Ceramic coating is a hydrophobic element. When the coating comes in contact with water, it will repel it and not be affected. Here is why this is useful; when the vehicle is used for regular travels, the water present on the surface will not stick to the surface of the vehicle, but will trickle down the vehicle. This also means the water will carry the tiny particles of dirt present on the vehicle down. 

Protection from Chemical Stains and Etching

Your car paint can also be affected when it contacts naturally acidic contaminants. With ceramic coating, you can create a chemically resistant surface, which will prevent some of the contaminants from bonding to the paint. As long as you remove the contaminant in time, you can prevent chemical staining on your car paint. 

Enhanced Gloss

Improve the aesthetic of your vehicle by adding gloss to it through ceramic coating. Not only is the ceramic coating used for the protection of your car paint, but it also adds depth and clarity to your paint with its clear coating. 

Improved Durability

Ceramic coating is much more effective at protecting the surface of your vehicle than any other kind of paint. The science behind this is that the molecules of the paint can bond with that of the car paint, and the resultant bond structure is so rigid that any kind of external force is unable to take it apart or render it ineffective. As mentioned previously, the coating acts as an added layer of skin on top of your paint. 

How Much Does Ceramic Coating Cost in Australia?

  • Ceramic coating is recommended to be carried out with professional service, the reason being the difficulty in executing a perfect job. Hiring professionals automatically results in bigger apparatus, more staff and eventually more costs.
  • It must be noted that before one opts for a ceramic coating installation, there is some preparation work to be done. The process involves polishing the surface of the vehicle using the right alcohol and scrubbing correctly, given that the coating process might not necessarily indulge in basic cleaning. One can, however, opt for this service as well, for a higher price.
  • Generally, as recorded, the coating installation process takes close to 5 days to finish. There are of course differences to this as well, depending on the size of the vehicle and the current condition it is in. After this, there is also the question about whether one would want extra work done on their interior material, the fabrics, the windows etc. This may automatically result in an extra 200 dollars.
  • If you need ceramic coating for an old or a used vehicle, you will incur additional costs in preparing the car paint for the coating. You might also need a paint correction process to ensure your paint work is in perfect condition before the application. This would include cleaning the paint work and removing any swirl marks, scratches, and blemishes so that the paint has a high gloss finish after coating. 
  • While many prefer getting their coating done as soon as they’ve purchased their vehicle, some decide after their car has tasted the road for a while. In the second scenario, there are extra steps taken to ensure the vehicle is in perfect condition for the painting process to follow. For this, multi-stage machines are used to get rid of any kind of flaw, and ultimately give it the glossy finish it must have. This is an important process, and also an expensive one. 

Where Is The Best Vehicle Coating Outlet?

In Melbourne, the go-to car coating outlet is RPM Detailing. RPM Detailing checks all the boxes in terms of price, service, time and overall efficiency. With multiple outlets available all around Melbourne, obtaining RPM service has never been easier. Don’t wait any longer! Reach out to them on +61 400 103 866!

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