Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection. Which is Better?

Ceramic Coating

The fresh smell of the new car entices us and admiring the glossy finish and subtle lightning. With every use, vehicles tend to lose their shine due to natural wear and tear, parked in direct sunlight or bleached. To save your favorite and drive it for a longer duration the individual can paint protection and ceramic coating.

What is Paint Protection?

Paint Protection film is commonly known as the PPF and clear bra. The film is made up of thermoplastic urethane film that perfectly protects the car paint. The film is malleable in nature and self-healing. These protection films are easily available on car dealerships or service centers such as I-5 Motors.

At the time of applying, Paint Protection Film cannot be seen with the naked eye. It protects the vehicles from scratches and chips and maintains the overall aesthetic of the vehicle. The best part of applying paint protection film is it protects the vehicle from direct sunlight. The UV rays and direct sunlight fades the paint while the protection film acts as a protective layer that prevents it from fading.

Paint Protection Film has self-healing properties

The urethane film has healing properties that heal before the damage has occurred. It is perfect to protect the car from acid rain, components, mineral deposits, and rock chips. The top layer of the film has elastomeric polymers that retain their natural shape after the damage. Paint Protection Film has numerous benefits to protect the paintwork on the vehicle such as water spot, mineral marks from rain, protects from UV rays, chips, scratches, and acidic components.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of the car with paint to make it a permanent protective layer. The coating is an alternative to wax that protects the vehicle from direct sunlight, heat tolerance, chemical resistance, heat tolerance, and scratch resistance. It is one of the best cost and time effective techniques available at Kinsel Ford that increases the lifetime of the vehicle. 

Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic and they repel all liquids things. 

The liquid does not stick who have received ceramic coating as it will be easier to wash off marks and smudges. As much as your skin needs sunscreen, the same way your vehicle does. The vehicle needs protection from UV rays from the sun as vehicles are often parked in open with maximum sun exposure.

Ceramic coating saves the fresh paint of the vehicle makes it lesser dull and offers benefits such as

  1. Glossiness.
  2. Chemical Resistance.
  3. Chips and Scratches.
  4. Prevents water spots

Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating has a different factor that protects the vehicle from chips and scratches. PPF protection is huge and protects the vehicle from rock chips, debris while ceramic coating absorbs the damage before it hit the vehicle. Ceramic Coatings are a permanent solution to enhance the glossiness of the vehicle film.

Both the coatings offer a range of benefits to vehicles. Their properties make shiny and stay for longer. Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coatings when paired together work more effectively and protect the car for longer than ever.

PPF offers protection from blunt damages such as scratches, and chip damage while ceramic coating provides glossiness, hydrophobicity, and rapid cleaning. If you take both the paints together this duo will resist watermarks, acid damage, and oxidization from the past.

For the protection of a vehicle, opt the protection from the service center and dealerships i.e. Loveland Ford with multiple benefits that also suit your budget. If the budget allows, upgrade to both protection paints and retain the maximum benefits for a longer duration without any hassle.

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