Why Choose Ceramic Tiles for Floors and Walls?

Ceramic tiles have been used in the design of the buildings for several years. These tiles are extremely versatile, durable, and aesthetically eye-appealing. Once installed properly, they require less maintenance and run longer. Compared to other materials, ceramic tiles is more resistant to water and scratch. Thanks to technology, ceramic tiles are now more durable, versatile, and design-oriented. In addition to the appearance, there are many other reasons to choose ceramic tiles. 

Top Reasons to Choose Ceramic Tiles: 


Ceramic tiles are highly durable. They are extremely scratch-resistant, hard and can bear the load of the heavy foot traffic. There are plenty of ceramic flooring tiles available in the market, but not all are durable. The durability of the tile depends on its quality and thickness. So, always choose the best-in-quality based ceramic tiles for flooring. 

Why Choose Ceramic Tiles for Floors and Walls?


Ceramic tiles are unaffected to heavyweight, muddy shoes, split sticky beverages; they are practically maintenance-free. If you are looking for the tile material that runs longer without needing high maintenance, then ceramic never goes wrong. With warm soapy water and a cloth, you can clean the ceramic tiles. 

Best Value 

Since the tile has an almost no-maintenance cost, increases the value of your home and will practically last forever. According to a study, a ceramic tile has the lowest life cycle cost compared to other materials. For homeowners who are looking for the best-in-class tile material can opt for the ceramic. It is water-resistant, durable, versatile, and comes in a diverse range of designs. 

Superior design versatility 

Ceramic tiles in the USA are easy to install and can be customized as per the homeowners’ requirements. Due to limitless and timeless patterns, ceramic tiles always be the preferable choice of the homeowners. They come in a large variety of patterns, colors, and textures, and shapes. You can also add glass porcelain tiles on the wall to accompany your ceramic tiles. 

Water resistant 

As mentioned, ceramic is unaffected by water, so it is the perfect choice for the bathroom flooring. It’s water ability makes it ideal for highly wet areas like the bathroom, locker rooms and swimming area. 

Fade Resistant 

Due to the use of natural minerals fired at temperatures over 23000 Fahrenheit, ceramic tile will not fade and withstand the high UV ways. If you are looking for the kitchen tiles, then ceramic is the perfect buy for you. 

Now that you understand the reasons for choosing ceramic tiles. To make your purchasing tiles process easier, we are going to tell you the top inspiring ceramic tiles designs. 

The Top Inspiring Ceramic Tiles Designs 

Ceramic Subway Tiles 

We are a huge advocate of the ceramic subway tiles, and they are exceptionally beautiful, easy to care for, and can change the feel of any space. Basically, this design looks good on the walls and back splashes. If you want to renovate your kitchen area and add an elegant and sophisticated touch, then you should definitely consider ceramic subway tiles. 

Malibu 12″ X 24″ Ceramic Tiles 

Do you want to add a 3D design tiling pattern in your room? If yes, then Malibu can fulfil your needs. It is better for bathroom and kitchen walls. It’s perfect for a modern vision, neutral tone that will help you keep forward in terms of home design. 

Beveled Ceramic Tiles

Another stylish ceramic tile that can instantly change the feel of the space is a Beveled ceramic tile. This subway tile is glossy, enabling light to bounce off, giving a clean aesthetic to the room. 


We hope this guide will help you in getting your ceramic tiles that suit your space style. You can also review The Tile Life Collection, this site only talks about the tiles and sells them at affordable pricing.