The Cheapest Jet Ski, Sea-Doo and WaveRunner in 2022

If you’re a New Yorker, you might be wondering, “What’s the cheapest Jet Ski or WaveRunner in the city?” There are several reasons to buy a jet ski. The most obvious one is to see New York City from a whole new perspective. This watercraft allows you to go as fast as you’d like and can accommodate up to two riders, depending on which company you use.

Kawasaki Jet Ski

In 2022, the cheapest affordable jet skis for sale or WaveRunner is the Spark, which starts at $5,699 and ends at $18,299. The most expensive model will be the GTX Limited 300, with $12,372. In 2022, the price of a Kawasaki jet ski will vary between $7,199 and $21,900, based on its power output and model.

Most Expensive Jet Ski

The most expensive Jet Ski or WaveRunner in 2022 will cost you at least $US20,300. Buying a Sea-Doo Spark starts at $5,699, which is quite affordable compared to other models. The Spark can accommodate two or three people depending on the configuration. Meanwhile, the Yamaha WaveRunner EX will cost you $US7199 and can seat one to three people.

Industry Analyst Predicts

Prices will go up significantly in 2022 – a leading industry analyst predicts a $500 to $2500 increase in prices for the new models. These prices are yet to be confirmed, as these models are months away from unveiling. However, the expert’s predictions indicate a steep price rise due to production restrictions and strong demand. The most expensive 2022 model, the GTX 300 Limited, will cost $US19,700.

The cheapest jet ski in 2022 will cost around $5,699, while the most expensive will cost over $13,700. The most affordable Supercharged Jet Ski in the brand’s line is the STX 160, which will cost at least $13,400. It will be more expensive if you want to add speakers. And the cheapest WaveRunner in the world in 2022 will cost you under $7,000 in 2022!

Cheapest Supercharged Jet Ski

The most expensive Jet Ski in 2022 will cost $US17,499 and $20,599, respectively. The cheapest supercharged Jet Ski in the brand’s line-up is the STX 160, while the most expensive model is the STX 300 LX. A Sea-Doo GTX 230 will cost more than $13,700 in 2022, but it is still a great deal.

The cheapest Jet Ski in the brand’s line-up is the GTX Limited 300, starting at $26,699. It’s also the most expensive supercharged model and is up to $2610. However, the Spark is still the cheapest supercharged model in the brand’s range, and the price has increased by $1600 to reach $21,409 if you choose speakers.

Most Affordable

The Spark is the most affordable of the three models, starting at $5,699. It is the cheapest of the two models but slightly increased the price tag. A Sea-Doo Spark is currently $8,699, while a Yamaha WaveRunner EX is $7,599. Those are the two cheapest jet skis on the market today. You can also choose a new model that is just right for you.

Top Speed & Extreme Acceleration

The cheapest Jet Ski Sea-Doo and WaveRunner is the GTX Limited 300. The price range for this model is $5,699 (metallic sage) and $10,699 (liquid titanium). The most expensive one, the Kawasaki ULTRA 310LX, costs $19,399, with a 67-mph top speed and extreme acceleration.


The most affordable Jet Ski Sea-Doo and WaveRunner will be a multi-person sit-down model. It will cost $6,700 for a recreation model and $17,200 for a luxury model. The cheapest WaveRunner will start at $17,000 and be available for four people. However, these aren’t the only two models that will go on sale in 2022.