Where to Find the Cheapest Military Airfare?

Life in the military is a life of discipline and service. You are expected to join when you are still young and expected to serve for years, depending on your rank. You have to stay away from your families which is true for most armed forces persons. This means that these responsibilities are only for those mentally and physically fit. You will always have to go through rigorous tests to qualify to join them. Whether in peacetime or times of conflict, the USA as a country always backs its army. Their activities are reported widely in the popular media and there are movies made about what they have done in different countries. Even the airlines cheer them on with the cheapest military airfare. Every airline, whether major or low-cost has something to offer to them.

Everybody is backing you

Most people join the military to serve the nation and the military itself does everything it can to encourage the best to join them. They offer good pay and a pension after you retire from service. They offer housing and medical benefits to their members and their immediate family. Often you can retire early and join any profession of your choice. Quite a few organizations in certain trades prefer retired military personnel over others. While you are on the service you don’t have to pay for anything as everything is taken care of by your employers. While you are actively serving, usually all transportation will be arranged by the government. This may be through their own vehicles or aircraft. One thing that you should expect is cheap military flights from privately owned airlines. Every such organization works for profit, but they realize the importance of the services of the army in their day-to-day operations. If the country is not safe there will be no business to conduct for anyone.

Pick and choose what you like

Most of the airlines have already chosen some perks for the armed forces, that they feel they should be able to offer to them. What most military personnel would prefer are military discount flights, which airlines do offer. Some will not reduce your air ticket rates, but they will allow you to carry your baggage without any additional charges. The number of bags you get to take with you for free depends on why you are flying.

  • You could be on holiday and called back to serve or your holiday could be over and you will be joining your team again.
  • You could be going on a holiday as part of your break from the service.
  • You could have retired and are returning back to your home town.

The airlines have different offers depending on whether you are on duty, off duty, or a veteran. Some of them extend these offers to your family members.

Where to find all the details?

Some airlines specify the military discount flights and offers on their website while you will have to call the others to get the details of these. There are even some travel booking sites that offer reasonable discounts, including those for your accommodation and cabs, if you are going on a holiday and interested. You can always research and find these details yourself unless you have an airline that you prefer. In which case you just need to call their customer care number. They will always ask you for not just personal details, but details of your military ID too. You should note that you may need to present it before you procure your air tickets.

Some more benefits to make you comfortable

Some airlines also give you the option of lounge access and in some cases, you will have free meals served there. Mostly not just you, but your family members traveling with you will be allowed in. As for in-flight meals some airlines offer discounts, as long as you can show your military ID. While others will allow you to take your pet with your checked-in bags. You may have to pay some amount for these though. So, some airlines instead of offering cheap airtickets for military members, offer other benefits and comforts.


Life in the military is not easy, but the airlines are doing what they can to make it all simple and easy for you. Everything is out there, you just have to find and get the right information.

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