Great Reasons to Choose Zebra Blinds in Canada

Filtering the light Zebra Blinds, also called “transitional shades,” are the newest type of window blinds. It keeps the great look of blinds while giving you a lightweight, durable, and inexpensive way to decorate your home. This modern choice comes in a wide range of materials and colors that will make any room in your house look better.

Zebra blinds have different edges that make them easy to use. They also keep everyone in your family safe from the dangers of window cords. We offer cordless Zebra blinds made of two layers that make it easy to switch between sheer and privacy. Here are some ideas to get you started and things to look for when you buy blinds or shades.

zebra blinds

Make a plan for the budget

Start by deciding if you just want to cover one or two windows or if you want to do the whole room. You can spend more or less on different rooms. As a general rule, the price of window treatments is based on their size, so covering bigger windows will cost more. There are also extra costs for custom blinds for their sizes and patterns, fabrics, and features.

Think about light and privacy

Go through each room in your house and decide which ones you want to make brighter and which ones you’d rather have darker and cozier. Blinds can be turned to let light in or out. There are different kinds of fabrics for shades, so they can change how much light or dark comes into a room. They also let you have more control over how bright each room is. But you have to pull them up or down all the way to let in direct sunlight or keep your privacy.

Learn how to measure things the right way

When you measure for inside-mounted blinds, you need to be very accurate. There are three easy steps to follow. First, take three measurements on the inside of the window frame. Choose from the bottom, middle, and top. Take readings on the right, left, and in the middle when you’re measuring the height. Write down the one that is the longest. You should measure how deep the window is so that you can put in the right blinds.

Zebra Blinds in Toronto Think about safety

When you buy blinds, safety is another thing to think about if you have kids or pets. It’s best to buy things that look good and don’t have any cords. This makes it impossible for a child or animal to get a cord wrapped around them. Here’s a number that’s interesting. Research shows that 24% of people don’t even know that corded blinds are a safety risk. Here are some other things to think about:

  •         If you need to buy something with a cord, you can tuck it over the top of the shades or blinds to keep children from getting to it.
  •         If you keep them around at all, you should also keep them short. The kind with a continuous loop should be stuck to the floor or wall.
  •         Make sure that cribs, beds, and other furniture are far away from windows.

Now that that’s out of the way, you can shop in a way that fits your style of decorating. Are you looking for blinds and shades that are casual or fancy? Should they be stylish or cozy? Bold colours are great for making a fun or dramatic splash.


Look at how you live to decide which features are most important to you. Do you want to block out light or stay private? Maybe the most important thing to you is to find stylish window treatments. Remember that the right Zebra blinds in Canada can change the look of any room and help you save money on your heating bills at the same time.


Does one of your rooms have earthy, neutral colors? Then soft-colored Toronto roller blinds are the best choice. No matter which type you choose, blinds look great and can be used in many ways. Using fabrics, patterns, and textures, they make a wide range of looks and moods. There are also slats that can be turned. You can change how much light comes in through these. They are clean, fit well, look good, and give you a lot of privacy.


Wide horizontal slats give the impression that a room or apartment is bigger than it really is. They make the windows in any room look bigger. Most people use shades and blinds to cover their windows. They control how much light comes into a room and give it an elegant look. The purpose is one of the last things you should think about when buying these products.

Zebra blinds are a great choice if you want a window covering that can be used for more than one thing. They come in a lot of different styles and can go with almost any decor. And if you make an appointment with our designers at Weblinds in Windsor, you can change them to fit your needs.