Why Clear Span Buildings Are the Latest Trend in the Hotel Industry


Businesses prefer cost-effective techniques over traditional methods to expand their brand. That’s why a majority of new commercial buildings that you see are metal buildings. To be more precise, the majority of steel structures that you see are clean-span buildings. A clean-span metal building is dominant, from office space to retail stores. The steel building can be customized to any desired size, eliminating the need for columns and providing ample free space for creating a flexible floor plan design. The largest clear-span building in the world is Boeing Everett Factory, located in Washington, US, 318 feet tall with an area of 98.3 acres. It has a clear span of 305 feet. 

So, what is a clear-span building? As the name suggests, it has no beams or columns to support the weight. The entire structure, including the roof, is supported by straight-walled steel struts. It gives a wide-open interior and obstruction-free space. It is ideal for factories, warehouses, agribusiness, storage, and retail.

Advantages that Hotel Industry has when choosing a Clear Span Building are:


  • Any metal structure is more durable and robust than a stick-built building.
  • For the hotel business, the profit margin is essential. A durable building would mean you must spend less on repairing and restoring it.
  • Not just solid and stable, clear-span buildings are also eco-friendly. You can highlight this option as a marketing technique to attract more customers.
  • Steel is 100% recyclable. This feature makes it a sustainable option.
  • A clear-span metal building will serve you longer than any wooden structure. 

Design choice

  • A clear-span structure is fully customizable. This means you have the flexibility to design an interior that can showcase your brand image.
  • It is possible to design these structures to require less electricity for lightning.
  • Having proper ventilation and insulation plans can help save money on energy bills. Businesses can use these savings to fuel further growth.
  • You can custom design your exterior, giving a signature look to your hotel.

Fast installation

  • After arriving on-site, it takes a limited time for the construction crew to install your clear-span structure for your hotel. A wooden or concrete hotel structure will take a long time to finish.  
  • Since your hotel project finishes faster, you can start your business earlier and take advantage of being ahead in the game.
  • The faster the building is installed, the sooner you generate revenue.

Fire safety/ Pest resistance

  • Steel has a higher melting point. In the event of a fire, it is improbable that the whole building will be compromised, i.e., you do not have to rebuild the entire structure again.
  • Steel does not attract unwanted pests like rodents or termites that can damage your business assets. You do not have to spend money on unnecessary pest control. 
  • Unwanted pests can compromise your hospitality business and might disgust your guests.

Low maintenance

  • A metal building is exceptionally resilient to the forces of nature. Whether it is a wild tornado or hurricane, you can rest assured that your hotel structure will remain intact (unless it faces a direct hit).
  • Removing debris like leaves and branches and using pressure washing can keep your building clean throughout the year.
  • Being virtually maintenance-free, you can spend your money on expanding your business.

Cheap insurance

  • From Construction Class 1 (CC1 – least fire-resistant) to construction class 6 (CC2 – most fire-resistant), ranking affects the overall premium you have to pay. Metal buildings are generally graded CC3 or above. This helps insurance providers to classify structures from high risk to low risk.
  • A steel building is more studier than traditional structures.

Multi-functional (change of purpose)

  • In the future, if you decide to exit the hotel industry, you can repurpose your clear-span structure for other business ideas, or you can even rent it out.
  • With a clear-span metal building, you can quickly redesign to move from one business to another.

Various uses of clear-span building in the hotel industry:

  • Wedding venue
  • Meeting space
  • Banquet
  • Restaurant
  • Entertainment venue

Things you should consider before constructing a clear-span metal building:

  • Plan out the detailed requirements, including minor ones.
  • Ensure that the plot has access to utilities so you do not have to spend extra.
  • Consider the layout of your building and positioning with respect to the sun, as it might be troubling for guests later.
  • While hiring a construction crew, ensure they have ample experience, as clear-span buildings are large, and you want to avoid paying extra charges.
  • Think about interior space utilization before designing a floor plan. You can even talk to an interior designer who can help maximize space efficiency. 
  • All should be considered while developing an indoor floor plan blueprint, from sitting areas to guest rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, lobby, storage rooms, or dining areas.

Wrap Up

A clean-span building checks all the boxes, whether longevity or saving time and money. Your hotel business will bloom once a clear-span structure is installed on-site and you prepare to lay down your business work plans. 

You can ask your steel manufacturer to show you a 3D model of your building for a better understanding of the overall structure. Remember to get quotes from multiple dealers before finalizing one. In most cases, these buildings have a warranty ensuring the building withstands harsh conditions. When you shop for a clear-span metal building, always choose the best quality galvanized steel for long-lasting performance.

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