What Color Combinations You Should Pick For a Summer Wedding Dress?

If you are planning a wedding between May and September, there are a lot of stylish summer wedding ideas, such as making your decorations or having a reception by the pool. Summer weddings are always popular with couples and guests because of the warm weather features like sunny ceremony sites, lots of greenery, and bright colors. Many couples choose oranges, yellows, and blues that are bright and happy for their summer wedding colors. Well, a brown wedding dress is usually of dark colors but now the trend has changed.

When choosing a summer color palette, however, temperature and the color wheel must be taken into account. Warm colors include red, yellow, and orange. Cool colors, on the other hand, include violet, blue, and green. Color pops can be created by combining contrasting hues, or harmony can be maintained by blending colors from the same color family.

Amazing Color Combinations For Summer Wedding Dress

Choose your favorite summer color combination from the options below, and host your wedding celebration amid pure beauty.

Pastel Color Combination

Lavender and pastel pink are one of the most popular color combinations for summer weddings, so you should use them if you want your wedding to look like a dream or a fairy tale. You can’t spell the letter “M” with your mouth wide open, and you can’t have a trendy spring or summer wedding without lavender and pink. When lavender is mixed with ivory, it becomes a soothing color that can be worn all year long.


Navy is a darker hue that stands out at summer weddings, which typically feature softer blue tones. “Think navy blue with pink, orange, red, and white,” suggests Wellington, who recommends pairing navy with bright colors for a preppy seasonal twist. You can also opt for navy and white for a Chinese-themed event.

Sage Green And Peach

The colors sage green and peach are ideal for a lakeside wedding. They are neutral colors that enhance the atmosphere of outdoor wedding venues. To create a romantic atmosphere, use a farm or garden-inspired motif.

Make the summer wedding suit colors grey and the boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen peach. Add sage green bridesmaid dresses and peach and sage green bouquets to complete the look. The floral arrangements, centerpieces, and wedding stationery in sage green and peach are also stunning.

Blush Pink And Dusty Blue

Blush and blue are always a winning combination, regardless of whether you’re going for a rustic chic or classic style. This light and airy summer wedding color scheme is easy to incorporate into nearly every aspect of your wedding, including bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements, tablescapes, and stationery. How fashionable are these attendants in their denim jackets?

Rose Gold And Hunter Green

A striking color contrast not only draws attention because it is unexpected but also because it makes colors “pop” during the summer months. You might want to try incorporating a typical “autumnal” color, such as this deep hunter green, which functions as a neutral.

Greens And Warm Hues

There’s no doubt that pastels and muted colors are popular for weddings in late spring, but the season also has a lot of bright colors. The fiery reds, oranges, and yellows, as well as the bright greens, in this color scheme, are perfect for the season. As a tribute to how nature changes, green wedding colors look great with bright textures at summer weddings.


There is no other way to celebrate your wedding that is more appropriate than with champagne—tones. There are various tones of taupe available, but we find that the warmer tones work best for social gatherings during the warmer months. To create an ethereal atmosphere in the room, combine the room’s neutral color with unusual lighting.

Mint And Pink

Mint and pink are the best colors for an elegant hall wedding with a princess theme. Both colors help make the wedding feel peaceful and bright. Have pink wedding invitations and a pink wedding cake. Use mint flowers that you can eat and hot pink invitations to decorate the cake. Quite unusual but a hit.

Create a bouquet of pink and mint-colored flowers for you and your companions. Dress the bridesmaids in dresses matching the bouquets’ hue of mint green. The groom may wear a pink inner shirt and a mint green tie.


The colors for a summer wedding are lively, bright, and zesty. Also, they can be warm or cool, depending on the wedding’s style and tone. You can choose colors that are different from each other from the two sides of the color wheel that are opposite each other. They may also look good together if they are similar. This article has these and other ideas for color schemes for a summer wedding.