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Singapore is a world-class country where a lot of people around the world want to settle. Singapore is also one of the profitable countries where you can find a new career, set a business, and live with your family. However, before you will get to work in Singapore, you need to apply and get a work visa.

One of the work visas that you need to apply for is the Employment Pass. If you want to live and be part of Singapore’s thriving economy, secure an Employment Pass and you’ll be able to find a high-paying job in the country. We will give you a comprehensive guide about the Employment Pass of Singapore to give you important information before applying for one.

Singapore’s Employment Pass

The Employment Pass of Singapore is a kind of work visa that requires foreign professionals to get a job in the country. Those who desire to work as a manager, director, executive, or skilled worker, need to apply for a Singapore Employment Pass. This work visa is a requirement from the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. Aside from foreigners being able to work in Singapore, entrepreneurs who want to incorporate a company in the country need to get an Employment Pass.

Privileges of Employment Pass

Applying for the Singapore Employment Pass needs to be processed by a Singaporean company for a certain employee. Once you are approved for the E Pass, it will be easier for you to apply for a permanent residence in Singapore. Aside from that, an E Pass also offers a different journey entry visa.

It will allow you to travel in and out of the country without the need to apply for an entry visa when you go back to Singapore. As you can see, applying for an entry visa is another cost of money and will take some time to process. When you apply for a Singapore Employment Pass, you’ll get this perk automatically.

Application process and timeline

All applications for the Employment Pass must be submitted and assessed by the Ministry of Manpower. All candidates may process their applications either manually or online. With the necessary documents, you may submit your application online which usually takes three weeks to process.

If you want to emphasize your merits and if you have other important documents like employer’s testimonials and writing samples, it is advisable to apply manually. However, it may take at least five weeks to process the Employment Pass by manual application.

What if you don’t meet the requirements

If you’re a high-income earner, but you don’t have a sponsor company, you can apply for a Personalized Employment Pass or PEP. However, there are additional requirements and qualifications that you must meet. Also, if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to start your own business in Singapore, you can apply for Entrepreneur Pass or EntrePass instead.

Change of employer

If you already have an Employment Pass, but you want to switch to a different employer, you must apply again for an E Pass. When you apply for a new E Pass, you don’t need to cancel your current work visa. The Ministry of Manpower needs to assess the application first and consider the applicants’ qualifications, work experience, and employer credentials. They will issue a new Singapore Employment Pass once your old E Pass is canceled.

Employment Pass cancellation

If your employment contract expires or you cease your employment, your employment agency or sponsor company needs to cancel your E Pass within one week. Keep in mind that prior to canceling your work visa, your employer must get a tax clearance from IRAS as proof that you have been paying your taxes. Canceling your Singapore Employment Pass can be done online. If you’re still in Singapore, you will receive a 30-day short-term visit pass, as well as an acknowledgment letter about your Employment Pass cancellation.

Long-term options

If you already obtain your Employment Pass and you’re looking forward to staying for a long period in Singapore, you can proceed to apply for other options. Apply for a Personalised Employment Pass if you consider yourself as a ‘gold collar’ professional. This work visa allows you to change employers without applying for a new Employment Pass.

Aside from that, you also have the option to apply for Permanent Residence. You just need to wait at least six months before applying for Permanent Residence. You can apply for this through the PTS, or Professional, Technical Personnel, and Skilled Workers scheme.

How Ren Ai Group can help

Singapore is not just a world-class destination, but it’s also an excellent place to work and build your future. You just need to follow all the necessary requirements to land your dream job. Singapore Employment Pass is a type of work visa that you must obtain to work in a high-income job. You can get help from Ren Ai Group. We process all necessary documents for work visa applications and help you obtain your E Pass without hassle.

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