Learn Easy Tricks To Convert EML To PDF With Attachments

There are many users who use Email Clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Zoho Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and many more that support EML File Formats. But when they want to have a backup of those emails present in the EML file then the PDF format is their first choice. We will tell you thoroughly what is the procedure to convert EML to PDF with attachments. EML Converter is the direct method and it has the option to transfer EML files into different files and image formats. 

First, we go through the two different file formats, EML and PDF.

Email Message is saved in an Email application like Apple Mail, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and many more is called an EML file. It consists of a subject, the date of a particular message, the recipient(s), and the sender’s address. On the other hand, PDF’s Full Form is Portable Document Format. It is a commonly used file format. Users can easily exchange and present files or documents through it. 

After that, we will discuss what are the different techniques to convert EML to PDF. Firstly, we will go through the manual technique, and then we’ll talk about the professional technique. 

What are the Different Approaches for Batch Convert EML to PDF? 

Now, the question arises – How to convert EML file to PDF? Here, we talk about the two different approaches. Under the ManualApproach, we will guide you by using MS Word and in the professional approach, we will use third-party software. 

  • Save EML as PDF By Using MS Word.
  • Automated Tool for EML to PDF Converter. 

Approach 1: How to Convert EML file to PDF Through MS Word? 

  • Firstly, choose the specific file that you want to convert. 
  • Then, press the right-click on that file. 
  • After doing this, Open Microsoft Word. 
  • Tap on the Office Button that is located in the top-left corner. 
  • At last, do the file as “Save As” and then do “Find add-ins” for “other file format” accordingly.

Here, you can see that your file is ready in the file format of PDF. 

What are the Failures While Doing the Manual Method?

  • This method does not apply to transfer multiple EML Files along with the attachments. It supports only in the case without attachments of EML Files. 
  • If you want to convert EML to PDF file formats in bulk, then you have to choose another way or you have to waste your time by doing it one by one. 
  • It has the risk of losing your all data. 

Note: The above-mentioned manual method is very simple as well as complex. If we have one file to convert, then it is a very simple method to apply. On the other hand, if we require to transmit thousands of files with attachments at once, then it seems to be typical.  

Approach 2: Professional Ways to Convert EML to PDF: 

EML  Converter is a tool that is recommended by Professionals as well as Experts. It is the most trustworthy and reliable utility to import EML to Outlook.  This software aids to batch convert EML to PDF and also numerous file formats such as MBOX, HTML, PST. The foremost part of this utility is that it is available for both Operating systems, Windows and Mac. This converter helps to convert EML files into email clients – Opera Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Hotmail, Microsoft Office 365, AOL, etc. Users can easily get the benefits of converting files in bulk and also remove duplicating files.  

After importing your emails the utility, it offers a feature to maintain a hierarchy of files or folders with 100% assurance and safety of data. 

Wind up! 

In this above blog, we have discussed so many things. We have learned about the brief description of file formats – EML and PDF. After that, we went through the different techniques. The first one is the manual method. Under it, there is a way to Convert EML to PDF files Through MS Word. On the other hand, we have also discussed the Professional way where we discuss the EML File Converter. From the user’s point of view, This method is very simple as well as efficient to use.