Newest 2 Ways to Convert MBOX Emails in Batch to EML Format


When it comes to efficiently dealing with your e-mail records or migrating between e-mail clients, the conversion of MBOX to EML turns into a critical task. This comprehensive educational resource explores two effective strategies for making this conversion. Whether you opt for a guide, the cost-effective method of using Mozilla Thunderbird, or a quicker, more precise answer, just like the DataVare MBOX to EML Converter Expert, we’ve got alternatives for you. Let’s delve deeper into those two approaches.


Before exploring the conversion methods, it is critical to recognize the motives for converting MBOX to EML. Both MBOX and EML report formats have precise functions and various uses, making it crucial to comprehend their differences.

MBOX and EML file formats show substantial variations. While EML files keep man-or-woman messages, MBOX documents hold every email from a mailbox folder. Here are some key differences:

  • MBOX files offer versatility by being like-minded with several e-mail applications, while EML documents are widely supported by almost all e-mail customers, enhancing their cross-platform software.
  • Both codecs are cross-platform, permitting them to be transferred and opened on certainly one-of-a-kind operating systems.
  • EML files typically tend to occupy a greater vicinity as compared to different message garage formats, and the dimensions of the mailbox folder influence the dimensions of an MBOX record.

Now, let’s find out the two techniques for converting MBOX to EML:

Manual and Free MBOX to EML Conversion:

This technique makes use of Mozilla Thunderbird, a free email client that can handle MBOX and EML files. Here’s a detailed how-to:

  • Install Mozilla Thunderbird and launch it.
  • If required, create an account.
  • From the menu, choose Tools >> Add-ons & Themes.
  • Use the add-ons search box to find “importexport” and install the Importexporttools NG add-on.
  • Start Thunderbird once more.
  • Right-click the Local Folders mailbox using the Importexporttools NG add-on.
  • To import a single or more MBOX files, select “Import mbox file.”
  • Right-click the mailbox folder after import, pick the add-on once more, and choose “Export all messages in folder” under EML format.
  • Press “Select Folder” after selecting the destination folder to save the emails in EML format.

Although this approach is effective, it has several disadvantages, such as the possibility of modifications to MBOX data, slowness, dependence on out-of-date software, and increased costs because of the usage of several apps.

Precise and Automated Exporting of MBOX to EML:

For a problem-free and precise conversion without the need for added email applications, use the DataVare MBOX to EML Converter. This whole solution ensures the renovation of email competencies and facts and supports various MBOX report codecs. Here’s the way it works:

  • Launch the DataVare MBOX to EML Converter.
  • Click “Next” to initiate the technique.
  • Browse to and choose the MBOX file on your computer.
  • After reviewing the selected record, click on “Next.”
  • Choose “EML” as your saving desire, adjusting exclusive options as essential.
  • Click “Convert” to begin the MBOX to EML conversion.

This automatic method streamlines the system, maintains information integrity, and saves time and effort.


Converting MBOX to EML will become an honest assignment using these strategies. Whether you choose the guide technique with Mozilla Thunderbird or the automated accuracy of the DataVare MBOX to EML Converter Expert, you may successfully switch among those formats. Computerized software is usually advocated for its speed and precision, ensuring that your email attributes and statistics are preserved while optimizing the procedure.

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