Efficient Ways to Convert OST Files to PDF

In this article, you will get to know about the most searched topic on the internet to convert OST to PDF using some easy methods. For this conversion task, you will be provided with the manual method, along with the professional OST to PST Converter Tool. Now, before beginning the conversion task, let us move to have an eye on OST and PDF files and some relevant reasons behind them.

We all are familiar with the OST and PDF files. .ost file is a format, which is known as the Outlook Offline Data File. It keeps a copy file of your Outlook mailbox data in the local storage. On the other hand, there are a large number of users who keep their crucial data in PDF format to retain it securely. Also, the PDF file is lightweight, which is quickly sharable, and able to access in offline mode also. There are many other benefits of the .pdf file format that’s why users are getting excited to begin the task to convert OST to PDF.

How to Convert OST File to PDF Manually

The manual technique provides you to accomplish the task in a free way but needs to perform many steps which may be some typical and complex steps. Now, let’s have a look at the steps which leads you to accomplish the mentioned task using the Outlook application.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer, and Login with the account.
  • Thereafter, select the email which you want to export to PDF.
  • Now, click the File menu and go with the Save As button.
  • Here, choose the HTML format from the save as drop-down list.
  • Afterward, choose the location where you want to keep it.
  • Now, right-click on the .html file and choose Open with >> Microsoft Word.
  • Then click on the File >> Save As option and select the desired location.
  • Next, click the save as drop-down menu and select the PDF option.
  • Here, the task to convert OST file to PDF has been completed.

The above task is easy but has too many steps which are tiresome to perform for the user who is a non-techie or doesn’t have technical knowledge. Moreover, you are not allowed to save the OST files to PDF format in bulk. You need to perform all the manual steps for each OST file to download in .pdf format. If you need to export OST to PDF in bulk, then go with an effective professional tool that gives you an error-free solution to the task of saving .ost to .pdf.

Software Solution to Convert OST to PDF

Sysinfo OST to PST Converter is the most appropriate utility which makes you able to finish the task easily with its simple GUI. Apart from PDF, you can migrate the OST file into many other file formats such as PST, MSG, CSV, HTML, etc. In addition, you can transfer the converted .ost file over many email clients. Now, let’s go through the tool steps which help you to complete the mentioned piece of work hassle-free.

  • Download, Install, and Run SysInfo OST to PST Converter Tool.
  • Next, choose the Single/Multiple File option to add the OST file to the software.
  • Now, select files/folders and add the .ost files from your computer.
  • Then, check the folders that you want to export.
  • Thereafter, select the file format as PDF from the drop-down list.
  • After that, check other facilities which you want to implement.
  • Finally, click the Convert button to begin the process.


This blog provides the techniques to convert OST to PDF manually and with an advanced tool. The manual method elaborates the way to download the OST file into PDF easily, but requires some technical knowledge and has to perform too many steps to finish the task. That’s why, we prefer you to go through with the most reliable OST to PST Converter tool that easily does the conversion tasks without any undesirable results.