Essential characteristics of a corrugated box for starting a new business

Corrugated box are one of the most commonly used packaging materials for businesses worldwide. They are versatile, durable, and cost-effective, making them a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. However, not all corrugated boxes are created equal, and it is essential to understand the essential characteristics of a corrugated box before starting a new business. This article will discuss the key characteristics of a corrugated box that you should consider when choosing packaging for your new business.


The strength of a corrugated box is one of the most critical characteristics to consider. Corrugated boxes are designed to protect your products during shipping and storage, and they need to withstand the supply chain’s rigours. The strength of a corrugated box is determined by its burst strength and edge crush resistance (ECR). Burst strength is the force required to rupture the sidewall of the box, while ECR is the force needed to crush the edge of the box. A box with higher burst strength and ECR is better suited for heavy and fragile products.


The size of a corrugated carton box is another essential characteristic to consider. The box should be large enough to accommodate your products comfortably but not so large that the products move around during shipping, which can lead to damage. The box size will also impact your shipping costs, as larger boxes require more space and may be subject to dimensional weight charges. Therefore, choosing a box size appropriate for your products and your budget is important.


These boxes are made from various materials, including single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall corrugated cardboard. Single-wall corrugated boxes are the most common and cost-effective option, while double-wall and triple-wall boxes offer additional strength and durability for heavier products. It is important to choose a material that is appropriate for your products and your shipping needs.


The printability of a corrugated box is another important characteristic to consider, especially if you plan to use your packaging as a branding tool. Corrugated boxes can be printed with logos, graphics, and other designs, and the quality of the print can impact the overall appearance of your packaging. It is important to choose a box compatible with the printing process you plan to use that can accommodate the design elements you require.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is becoming an increasingly important consideration for businesses and consumers alike. Corrugated boxes are a sustainable packaging option, as they are made from renewable resources and can be recycled. However, not all corrugated boxes are created equal regarding their environmental impact. It is important to choose a box made from recycled materials and recyclable in your local area.

Benefits of corrugated box

Corrugated boxes are popular for packaging products across many industries due to their many benefits. These boxes are made of a fluted material sandwiched between two layers of paperboard, creating a durable and versatile packaging solution. You can corrugated box order online from asian packaging.

Here are some of the benefits of using corrugated boxes:

Strength and durability:

Corrugated boxes are designed to provide strength and durability for the products they contain. They can withstand pressure, stacking, and rough handling during transport, ensuring that the box’s contents remain intact and protected.

Lightweight and cost-effective:

Corrugated boxes are lightweight, which makes them easy to handle and transport. This also makes them cost-effective to ship, as they are not adding a significant amount of weight to the overall shipment. Additionally, they are inexpensive to manufacture, which means that they can be purchased at a reasonable price point.


It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them versatile and adaptable to a wide range of products. They can also be customized with inserts, dividers, and other features to provide additional protection and organization for the products they contain.

Easy to store and assemble:

Corrugated boxes are designed to be stacked, making them easy to store in a warehouse or storage facility. They are also easy to assemble, with pre-cut tabs that can be folded and secure without additional tools or equipment.


Corrugated flute standards are made from renewable resources, such as trees, and are also recyclable. This makes them an environmentally friendly packaging option that can help businesses reduce their environmental footprint.

Branding opportunities:

Corrugated boxes can be customized with branding and marketing messages, providing an opportunity for businesses to create a consistent brand image throughout the supply chain. This can help to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Protection during shipment:

Corrugated boxes are designed to protect the products they contain during shipment. The fluted material provides cushioning and absorbs shock, which helps to prevent damage to the products.


In conclusion, the essential characteristics of a  box for starting a new business include strength, size, material, printability, and environmental sustainability. Choosing the correct box is crucial for protecting your products during shipping and storage, as well as for creating a positive brand image. By considering these key characteristics, you can select a corrugated box that meets your business’s needs and supports your goals for growth and success.