Create a Home for Mother Nature

Living in harmony with the Earth and the world is a noble goal. We get reminded of our place and role in nature, where we can play a crucial role. Being ecologically mindful of your surroundings and doing anything you can to help will help us and future generations. Plenty of information and practical know-how is available. All you have to do is put it all to good use!


1. Shine with LED lights

We will start your grand redesign with energy conservancy. The smallest of changes can make all the difference in the world. You can eco-proof your home by installing LED lights. They emit less heat, consume less energy and offer more lumens when compared to the standard light bulb. LED lights come in all shapes and sizes, so you can get creative and find the right one. What seems like a costly investment at first, will quickly pay out via a lower electricity bill.

2. Improve with Solar Panels

Next on the topic of energy preservation are solar panels. The entire solar sector is making strides in Australia, where more homes adapt them as we speak. Solar panels offer energy independence and eliminate (or reduce) your electricity bill. Solar panels can be placed on your roof or in your garden. Wherever you decide to put them, the outcome is the same. You will contribute to improving your lifestyle and doing a favour for Mother Nature.

3. Plant diverse trees and plants

Monocultures are doing more harm than good. Nature needs diversity in the wild and plant life. Your backyard does not need to look like a boring, old green lawn with nothing to show. You can start by using several grass types on your lawn. Add to that some plants, flowers and bushes around. The greatest thing you can do for your kids and maybe for an older you is to plant a tree somewhere in your backyard. You may feel like you are losing space, but you get a contained ecosystem. 

4. Use Smart Devices

Going green requires brains and innovation. Our appliances need to follow the ingenious demands which going green puts in front of us! Home appliances are major consumers of energy. As such, we’ve brushed up on the topic with LED lights, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, which is melting. Installing a smart thermostat will keep the room temperature regulated at a desired level, saving you power and preventing needless expenditure. Your kitchen can get changed capabilities when you start hydroponic farming. You don’t need an outside garden when you can have an inside one. Modern devices offer choices in how you choose to view and live your life.

5. Apply Insulation

Modern eco-friendly homes are mindful of their surroundings. Using power to heat or cool your home is good, but wasting excessive levels due to poor insulation only drives up costs. You can’t be eco-friendly if you are wasting anything. It only makes sense to lower costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and be mindful of your surroundings with simple home insulation. Why waste power and drive up your bills when you can go green and give your home much-needed insulation? It only makes sense.

6. Re-use everything

Waste not, want not. All of the resources on our planet are finite, so we need to use them with preservation in mind. Avoid anything that’s single-use and opt for durability. Shopping bags can be reused any number of times before they fall apart. The same goes for any other bag types, like trash bags. If you don’t wish to reuse, then you can always recycle. Glass, plastic, cardboard and other materials are all recyclable, and you can even get some money back.

7. Eco-friendly cleaning

Ecological mindset realises that nature needs to be a part of its home. Using violent chemicals to clean your haven only leads to inhaling or eating them. What you use around yourself, becomes you. With that in mind, you need to use eco-friendly cleaning products, because you won’t risk your health. Cleaning substances leave residual traces, which can remain on your eating utensils, plates and glasses. That’s how they can enter your body and harm your health. But products made from natural and less harmful ecological substances pose no threat and greatly improve your quality of life.

Adaptability is a trait of a modern way of life. We are all connected, to one another and to the planet we live on. Doing something to make our lives better creates a ripple effect, where our planet can also benefit. Changing our ways and lessening our impact on the world will make all the difference. The best part of going green is that you will get multiple benefits from it. From an improved way of life, better health, and a comfy home, wonders await those who go green!