11 Ways to Get Creative With The Lighting Fixtures of Your Custom Home

Decorating a custom home is an opportunity homeowners hardly want to miss. While the focus on furniture and décor brings life to your shelter, one must not undermine the significance of using light fixtures. A lot depends on how creative you can get with the lighting objects. If you are about to move to the newly built customized nest of yours, let the lights create inspiration and set the mood.  But when envisaging the options of illumination, you have got to have a specific ambiance in mind. Find out what is good to go with anything from dramatic chandeliers to pendant lights, scones, or track lights. When you are all set to go creative with the lighting options, get to some discussions with kelowna home designers to make your plan more accomplished.

Discuss With the Builder

You might get imaginative when illuminating your home but doing everything by yourself may not be the right decision. Today, people buy custom lights online but the decision may not be perfect. Several variables contribute when illuminating your home, so discuss with the home-building company at first. The creative lights are expensive, so the last thing you want is to choose a tiny option for a large wall. Asking your builder and architect for help lets you avoid these mistakes. Choosing the right dimensions is necessary when selecting an option. 

Modern Lighting: Exploring a Few Options

Does your home flaunt a contemporary look? Are you looking for aesthetic and resourceful lights? An ideal option to swear by is making the illumination brighter and letting the habitat go with the classic lighting trends. Here are a few options on which you may embark when illuminating your custom home. 

  • Track lighting endorses modernism to the fullest. You can use them to add divinity to your habitat, especially those made from stainless steel with colored rims. The slender and graceful bulbs make the house more charismatic and the way you want things to be.
  • Scones go back to the old times but the modern options are more futuristic and efficient. When you look for elegant options, try to use wall brackets and ornamental stalks made from a variety of materials. No way should the light try to intervene in the dignity and the value of your custom home. 
  • Remember the artistic palaces and think about chandeliers for lighting. But you need not look for those magnanimous ones to add grandeur to your house. The smaller versions are as inspiring and pragmatic as the high-end options. So, you need to pick based on the size of your room. Ask the Kelowna contractor working on your custom home for recommendations on hanging chandeliers for a better effect.
  • Floor lamps are undoubtedly stylish. But you need to place them strategically to serve the purpose. 
  • Bedside pendant lights move past the shaded lamps you envisage on the bedside table. If you thought of installing this one in the kitchen, think out of the box and get one of the most unique additions for your custom home. What’s best about these lights is that they extend from the ceiling to the place right next to your bed. So, it’s a space-saving option. 
  • For large rooms with plenty of spaces, you may experiment with various lighting options. Gone are the days of limiting yourself with the traditional choices of illumination. You can get further ahead and choose several kinds of lights for a big living area. But take care to ensure that they are properly aligned and not mismatched. Try to resort to simple arrangements that lend spontaneity to the room. 
  • Recessed lighting makes your home aesthetic in the real sense. What’s more, you can install them overhead or on the walls. If you want to make your home futuristic, eliminate all the other options and go for recessed lights. 

Lighting at home must never be unintentional. Do not copy your neighbor’s choices as the home designs differ drastically. Moreover, you need not indulge in bathroom illumination and let multiple LED mirrors do the work. But if you have no plans of installing mirrors, be realistic about the illumination options to choose. Let’s go through the options you need to choose for the rest of the areas of your home.

  • For the entrance, a dramatic light option such as a pendant or a chandelier may work.
  • To illuminate the living area, using track or recessed lighting is the best way to begin. You can work to make the corners brighter and use a reasonable amount of light in the primary sitting area.
  • For the kitchen, the island and the dining table are the focal points, so go for overhead or pendant lighting. Add to them the illumination points in the underside of the cabinet.
  • Bedrooms need to balance brightness and dimness perfectly. So, overhead bulbs may balance the table lamps on the nightstands or dressers. 

So, you have expensive options for making your dwelling place brighter and better. Be sure to ask for help from home builders in Kelowna. They are the ones to design your home, so customize your space based on the plans of illumination. 

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