September 26, 2022

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How To Deep Clean A New House Before Moving In

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Even though the house that you are moving into might seem clean, there is nothing more important than cleaning it before moving your things in, especially if there was someone living there before you. Even if it is a new place thing like construction will leave some debris and dust stuck in places you wouldn’t expect or it has been guaranteed that the end of the lease cleaning has been done you should deep clean the house. Cleaning your new home top to bottom is also the best way to inspect everything and see if there are things that need to be repaired or replaced. If you are not sure where to start, here is how you can deep clean your new house before moving in. 

Start From The Top

The best thing that you can do is start from above and make your way down to the floor. Things like lighting fixtures, ceiling fans as well as other things that are high up to the ceilings are very prone to getting very dirty and grimy as they often don’t get cleaned as they are too far to reach or see. Since they are high up all the dirt that you are cleaning off, it will fall to the ground and that is why you start with that. 

Wipe Down All The Windows and Mirrors

Another very impatient thing that you need to do is ensure that all the windows and mirrors are cleaned. All you need to do is take a glass cleaner as well as an all-purpose cleaner for the windowsills. Make sure that you are also taking all the mould and mildew that you are spotting around the frame or the window sills and treating them with a bleach cleaner to prevent it from coming back. If there are shades or blinds make sure that you are vacuuming them as well as going over them with a damp rag to ensure there is no lingering dirt. 

Clean The Fridge

After you have cleaned things that are high up and have your windows washed, you can go on to clean your fridge. Before putting anything in it, even just water bottles, sanitising your fridge is the most important thing that you can do. Remove all the shelves and drawers or any inserts that it comes with and let them sit in soapy water and warm water. When it comes to cleaning the inside of the fridge you will want to mix equal parts of white vinegar and water and a rag and scrub it. Before you run it back on make sure that everything is dry because you don’t want things to freeze over. If there are some stubborn stains, make sure that you are letting the mixture sit before scrubbing it.  

Do The Rest Of The Kitchen

After you have a clean fridge, it is time to clean the rest of the kitchen. Make sure that you are getting everything, as well as cleaning and wiping down the pantry and cabinet shelves. After that, it is time to clean all the appliances that are coming with the apartment. Take the time to clean your microwave, dishwasher, sinks as well as stove. But the key to saving some time is not doing the floors still. 

Always Clean the Carpets and Furniture

If you are moving into a house or apartment that has furniture and carpets you have to ensure that you are cleaning them before moving in. The best thing that you can do is hire house cleaning services to deep clean everything. If that is not something that you can do make sure that you are taking the time to wash them as well as vacuum them thoroughly. 

Scrub the Tub and Shower

The next important thing that you need to tackle is scrubbing down the bathroom. Start by cleaning the tubs and showers. If the area is damaged, you might need to get it released. If that is not the case, you can get a special tub clean that will remove any gunk, germs as well as dust and dirt that are trapped in a little nook. Make sure that you are not using an abrasive cleaner because you don’t want to damage the glaze. If you want to clean it better, you can start by letting the vinegar solution sit on the surfaces for a couple of hours before cleaning. 

Disinfect the Toilet

After you have cleared the showers, make sure that you are deep cleaning the toilet. Douse it in a cleaning solution and let it sit there for a while. Make sure that you have your nose covered as well as water gloves. The best way to get into all the little creases is to ensure that the toilet bowl is clean inside and out. 

Finish With The Floors

When you have finished cleaning everything in the house, it is time to finish off strong and clean the floors. Depending on what floor you have you will want to use a different type of cleaner on it. But the first thing that you will want to do is vacuum it up. Then you will want to use a cleaner and mop all the remaining dirt off of it. If you want to clean it more thoroughly, you can use a steam cleaner that will not only clean it better but it will also make the floors look cleaner because it will give them a shine. You can rent them for a day to get the job done, it is definitely worth the money. Cleaning the floors properly will remove any allergens and it will dramatically improve the air quality in it. 

After you have cleaned everything, make sure that you are leaving the windows open so all the chemicals air out. Take your time, it is better to move in a couple of days later into a clean home, than have to put down your stuff in a place that is filthy. Also, when you are deep cleaning make sure that you are protecting your hands and eyes as well as ensuring that you are not breaking in the chemicals. 

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