Dental Implants in Dublin- 20 Things That You Need to Know

Good oral and dental health is everyone’s dream. Of course, it’s because everyone wants to enjoy all sorts of foods and drinks without complaining about toothache and sensitivity. Another reason is that teeth are pretty evident, and everyone can see them while you talk, smile or laugh. No one wants to be hiding them all the time and compromising on their confidence and beauty. But not everyone realizes it on time. Some people ignore small dental issues like yellowing of teeth, bleeding gums, cracked teeth, large spaces etc. for a very long time. They keep using delaying tactics and then comes the time when they almost lose their teeth. That’s the time when nothing other than a dental implant that can help them bring back their lost self-esteem and smile.

What is a Dental Implant?

Short and straightforward- they are prosthetic replacement of a missing or extracted tooth. It is a surgical procedure in which a new root of the tooth is placed which is to be fixed in the jawbone- it eventually fuses with the bone. So, basically, it is an artificial tooth root. It acts as a totally natural tooth and has no adverse effects on oral health. They are made of titanium and have very high success rates. Thanks to technology and medical advancements!

So, in case you have a missing tooth due to any reason, be it an accident, ageing, tooth decay or extraction. You no longer have to live all your life with missing teeth or suffer all your life due to the conventional dentures and bridges etc. 

How do I know if I need a Dental Implant?

If you have pain or soreness in your teeth and mouth, and you’ve been ignoring it for a long- you might be in danger. Never ignore initial signs such as pain and swelling and consult a doctor as soon as possible. If your oral or dental health is declining and you are facing any of the following signs, it might be a sign that you need a dental implant. Rush to the nearest dentist as fast as possible. If you are in Dublin, Ireland then Happy Dental Clinic can help you for sure. 


  • A missing or broken tooth
  • Loose dentures
  • Infected tooth
  • Loose bridge
  • Sunken-in facial appearance
  • Cracked or crooked teeth
  • Trouble eating or chewing
  • Tooth decay 

What are the Steps of Dental Implant?

If you are planning on having a dental implant. It is better to understand all steps of the procedure, so you don’t panic at the last moment. Also, it will make you more comfortable and relaxed while your doctor gives you the treatment.

Step 1: Examination and X-ray

First of all, you’ll book an appointment with your doctor for an examination. The doctor will recommend an X-ray. After that, it will be finalized whether or not you need implants. You will also be asked about your previous medical history and any treatment, along with your oral hygiene.

Step 2: Tooth Extraction

The damaged tooth is removed, making sure that it is done a-traumatically.

Step 3: Grafting

In the third step, grafting is done. It is basically the preparation of jaw bone so that the new tooth root can be placed.

Step 4: Dental Implant placement

The new tooth root is implanted in the jaw bone in this step. It is usually made of titanium as it’s fusing is much easier.

Step 5: Bone Growth/Healing

Once the procedure is done, healing will start. The main focus here is bone growth.

Step 6: Abutment Placement

When the bone grows, another surgery is done in which the placement of abutment takes place. It is the step in which the crown is placed.

Step 7: Artificial Tooth Placement

The last and final step is to place a new, artificial tooth. It can either be fixed or removable- totally depends on the patient’s choice.

What to expect after the surgery?

You might experience

  • Slight pain
  • soreness
  • Minor bleeding
  • Swelling of gums and mouth
  • Bruising of mouth and gums

Is it a safe and pain-free procedure?

Yes, it is a totally safe process. Moreover, it is a painful procedure, as anaesthesia and numbing medicines are given before starting the procedure.

Are Dental implants worth it?

Yes, they are definitely worth it. They save you from the troubles of dentures. Moreover, they can last a lifetime if you take proper care of them.

Fun Facts about Dental Implants:

You might be scared of having this surgery done. So, here are a few fun and positive facts that can help you make yourself feel better.

-Almost 98% of people feel great about having the surgery done. Their life feels easier.

-Almost 4 million people have dental implants. Can you even guess this by the appearance of people close to you?

-They look super natural- just like your real teeth.

-People report that it hurts less than pulling out a tooth.

-The jaws emerge stronger than before. Don’t be scared of someone breaking your jaw with a punch.

-Say goodbye to your cavities. 

-They are your lifelong friends.

Are there any side effects of having this treatment?

The possible side effects of having this treatment are

  • Damage or injury to the area near the site of surgery.
  • Sinus problems
  • Nerve damage
  • Failed dental implant. The chances of this are as low as 0.5-1%.

How Long a Dental Implant Procedure Takes?

A dental implant procedure can take a minimum of 4 months and a maximum of 8 months. It is so because bone growth takes time. Also, it will require more than one appointment.

What is the success rate of this procedure?

The success rate of this procedure these days is as high as 98%. Isn’t that surprising?

How Much Does Dental Implant Costin Dublin?

A dental implant in Dublin is pretty reasonable as compared to other cities and countries in the present time. Here are all the details.

  • Dental Implant consultation is free.
  • Implant, post and crown altogether cost €1249.00.
  • Crown on an implant bridge alone costs around €600.00
  • Dental implant retained dentures cost €3500.00.
  • Large bone grafting and membrane in Dublin costs roundabout €1000.00.
  • Bone grafting and membrane costs €600.00

Prevent and protect

Nothing is more accurate than the fact that prevention is better than cure. Why go through all medical treatments and spend money when you can prevent it in the first place? However, if you have not prevented in the first place and have got your implants then protect them at all cost and remember to 

  • Brush your teeth
  • Floss
  • Use a good mouthwash
  • Say no to teeth staining drinks and foods.

Who should not have dental implants?

Thinking whether or not you are a good candidate for having implants? Here is a checklist! If you are one of them, then they are not for you.

  • Those who clench and claw their teeth.
  • People with medical conditions, such as diabetes.
  • People who take steroids.

How long do they last?

Dental implants can last a lifetime.

What are the pros of having dental implants?

The biggest pro of this surgery is that your jaw will be stronger, your teeth will look natural, and you won’t need dentures anymore.

Are they permanent or reversible?

Dental implants are permanent, unlike dentures. But the tooth can be either fixed or removable.

What is the success rate of dental implants?

It is as high as 98-99%.

What is the difference between dental implants and dentures?

They both are used in place of a missing tooth. However, dentures are reversible, and you take them out. However, implants are permanent. Moreover, implants are a long-term solution and save your time. 

Where to Get a Dental Implant in Dublin?

The best place for having dental implants in Dublin is Happy Dental Clinic.

If you are experiencing pain, irritation, swelling, soreness, or any other oral or dental problem, Happy Dental, Dublin, Ireland offers a wide range of treatments, solutions, and consultations. It is one of the best Dental Care in Dublin, Ireland that you can find.

For us, your smile matters!

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