About the Desert safari Dubai

Hola tourists! You might not know the fact that what does Dubai desert safari offers to you. The vast land of the Arabian desert is throwing its remarkable memories to all those who ever visited here; this place is the natural beauty of nature and calls those who want to come to witness its thrill. Dubai itself is no less than any wonder with its skyscrapers, parks, and wonders.

 For many years the desert has been treated as a famous tourist destination for everyone all across the world. Once you visit the Dubai desert, you will never want to go somewhere else; it gives you the vibes that no place can ever could. If you plan to visit here, you will have great fun with various amazing rides and excursions that will add thrill to your soul. You can also witness magnificent sunrise and sunset in the desert of Dubai. The tourist companies offer a fantastic one-day safari which includes everything you ever want. 

What’s inside the Dubai Desert safari?

This beautiful journey includes Dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, sandboarding, and various live entertainment shows at the racecourse area of the desert. 

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing involves rushing the car down the dunes and yielding to another one in a 4×4 vehicle with a professional driver. Your seat belts must be tightened, and you must hold your breath. 

Quad Biking

Exploring the desert by quad bike is considered an exciting experience, and its challenging terrain makes the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula wonderful and challenging. The four-wheeler bikes will be ready to hold your back on them so that you can experience the fastest ride ever on your own but definitely with some preventive measures. 

Sand Boarding

It feels like sliding on snow or skating on ice when it comes to sandboarding, but this is another excellent activity where you slide down sand dunes on a board. Woah! What a fantastic journey.

The Dinner

You can also enjoy a live BBQ dinner and buffet or Arabian dishes where you can entice your taste buds with a delectable dinner. Imagine live shows with BBQ dinner. Dubai desert safari is a whole fun package.

Camel Riding

If you are one of those thrill-seekers who love to have some adventurous journey, then the camel ride will definitely be for you. The Emirati people or Bedouins are true masters in riding camels, and they offer you the chance of depending on them with proper training on how to handle it. The ride will take place in the desert, where you will enjoy nature to its fullest. The camel ride will offer you some great memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Other Activities

Moreover, other activities include various performances like belly dance where Arabian women show their body moves and talented dancers will engage visitors. You can also see Tanura dancers who perform traditional dance, and the artists also showcase their talent in performing fire show. So, you can enjoy enduring talented performances live in front of your eyes, and the Arabian desert is something you can make memories of.

About the cost

The whole one-day desert safari Dubai will cost you around AED350 to AED500, which is very reasonable. The tour includes transport from your hotel and back to your hotel, live entertainment shows, BBQ dinner, and a buffet meal with one bottle of mineral water for each person.  

Why visit the Desert of Dubai

Dubai desert safari is one of the memorable things to do in Dubai, especially among adventure lovers. It will definitely give you some lifetime memories, which are definitely worth it. The sandboarding in the desert of Dubai is so much fun that it’s beyond words. Desert safari offers a lot more than just sand boarding and camel rides so that you can enjoy more than just one thing. The whole journey is great fun with your friends and family members who will love to share some good memories on this beautiful land of Dubai.

The desert safari in Dubai offers value for money if you compare it to the other activities available at any amusement park or theme park. It is definitely much better than any other activity because it has many attractions and is all under one roof. 

Final Words

Dubai desert safari is something that should be done at least once in your lifetime, especially if you like an adventure. This trip will last in your memories forever, and at least once in a lifetime, you should visit Dubai. You can also enjoy various activities in Dubai by visiting theme parks, sports complexes, and beaches. https://www.sunsetdesertsafari.com/