Best Influencing Designs of Custom Rigid Boxes

Every manufacturer wants to give their products an enticing and enthralling look. This is achieved by creating innovative packaging boxes for them. Brands have different types of options available in the market that they can utilize for their product packaging. Custom Rigid Boxes is one of them.

It depends on the budget of a brand that how much they are willing to spend on the production of their product packaging. Rigid boxes are a bit expensive than other usual packaging solutions available in the market. They are not recommended to new brands or the ones with low budgets. It is the best option for established brands only.

The rigid material comes with numerous customization options. Designers can utilize them appropriately to develop eye-catching designs and styles of rigid boxes. The rigid material is not easy to customize as compared to other building materials available in the market like cardboard and Kraft paperboard. Still, the advancements in technology make it possible to create stylish and striking designs of packing boxes with rigid material.

Some of them are described below.

Custom Rigid Boxes in 2 Piece Style: – 

These boxes are highly rated in the manufacturing industry due to their special look and style. Normally, cosmetic brands and other manufacturers producing expensive products use these boxes. They give their products a classy and rich look. Even an ordinary item when get packed in it starts giving an amazing look to the onlookers.  

Custom Rigid Boxes in 2 piece style can be further categorized into two designs. 

  • Fully telescopic Custom Rigid Boxes
  • Partial Telescopic rigid boxes

There is not much difference in these styles but still, they provide different flare and spark to the product look. Manufacturers select from these styles according to the packaging needs and requirements of their products. 

Making of Custom Rigid Boxes: –

These boxes are prepared by utilizing modern-day technologies and techniques. 2 piece boxes by their name suggest that they are made in two separate pieces. 

The first one is the main compartment in which the product is placed. This container comes with embedded inserts in it. The inserts come with die-cut cavities that are shaped according to the product. 

The product gets fixed in those cavities. This not only enhances the look of the product but also keeps them safe and secure from damage. The shape and size of the compartment can be altered according to the packaging requirement of the product.

The second part of the box consists of a sleeve. This sleeve works as the cover of the compartment. This sleeve determines the style of this 2 pieces rigid box. If the sleeve covers the whole compartment then it will be called a fully telescopic box. If it covers a partial part of the compartment then the box style will be called a partial telescopic box.

The rigid material cannot be printed directly. Therefore, a printed paper is used for this purpose. This paper is pasted on the walls of the rigid box. Now, it is the manufacturer’s choice that what type of artwork they want to print on this paper. 

They can design their artwork themselves to be imprinted on this box. They can include different features in these artworks such as product images, graphics, symbols, and descriptions. All these features together give an appreciative look to the Custom Rigid Box. 

This innovatively printed paper can be pasted on both the inner and outer sides of the compartment. Similarly, the same is the case with the sleeves. Purely, depending on the choice of the designers and producers. 

Custom Rigid Boxes in Hinged Cap Style: – 

These rigid boxes come in the same category of 2 piece rigid boxes. The only difference between them is that their cap is attached to the main compartment. Usually, top brands use these boxes to give an eye-catching look to their product.

Making of Hinged Cap Rigid Boxes: –

These boxes are prepared in the same way as the 2 piece boxes are prepared. They do not come with a separate sleeve. Instead of that, their cap remains attached to the compartment. To further improve their grace and elegance what do designers do? They add a magnetic closure style to these boxes. Custom Rigid Boxes with magnetic closure style are highly in demand from modern-day producers.

Sleeve Style Rigid Boxes: – 

Another highly demanding style in rigid material is the sleeve style rigid boxes. These boxes are used by the brands to give an elegant and graceful look to their products. In this style, the main container of the box moves inside a sleeve. This box is utilized by the brands to give a lavishing look to their products.

Making of Sleeve Style Custom Rigid Boxes: – 

The sleeve-style rigid boxes work in a combination of two structures. The sleeve and the container. The container moves inside the sleeve for opening and closing. A handle of a window can be added to their style to further enhance their beauty and effectiveness. An insert can also be included in the container. The product gets fixed in the inserts that give a mouthwatering look to the customers.

The printing of the boxes is done through a printed paper. A printed paper is pasted with the walls of the container and sleeve to improve their visionary experience. Custom Rigid Boxes in sleeve style are the most utilized ones in many manufacturing industries.