Does Walmart Have A Bereavement Leave Policy?

Walmart is one of the biggest retail stores in America. They have a wide variety of clothing, household goods, and other items. Many employees are unaware that Walmart doesn’t have any Bereavement Leave Policy. That means all employees who experience loss of a loved one will need to take vacation time or request PTO as they would for any other sick time reason.

There is some question if Walmart’s definition of “bereavement” is too limited to those who lose their spouse or partner, parents, children and siblings before including more distant relatives such as grandparents or close friends? It may be a difficult conversation to initiate but it’s important for employees to know their rights before signing up with the company.

Who Does Walmart Consider To Be A Close Relative?

Walmart offers bereavement leave to eligible employees, but there are specific conditions. For example, Walmart considers a close relative as the spouse, child, parent and sibling of an employee or their respective spouses. Regardless of your relationship to the deceased or your eligibility for bereavement leave, it is always wise to have a conversation with your manager to make sure you fully understand the company’s policies regarding this issue.

Is Bereavement An Excused Absence At Walmart?

Many people ask if bereavement is an excused absence at Walmart. The answer to this question is yes. But there are some limitations. These limitations are as follows:

-If the death was for your immediate family (i.e.

-If the funeral is not more than 48 hours after the death

-If there have been no other absences for reasons such as: sickness, jury duty, injury (medical) or an appointment with your doctor.

-If there are no absences in the last 12 months. (i.e if you missed a couple of days in 2015 because of an illness or injury then you would be allowed to take a single absence in 2016.)

There is one exception to this policy which is if you wish to take FMLA leave for your bereavement. In this case, FMLA leave must be taken within its six month time frame but it does not affect your eligibility for Bereavement Leave.

Is it possible to take bereavement leave for longer than three days at Walmart?

Walmart bereavement policy states that employees who have experienced the death of a loved one can take off up to three days of unpaid leave. But what if your loss was a little more extreme?

If you have left your job and need to file for unemployment, or simply want to discuss taking more time off than Walmart’s policy allows for, you should consult the company’s terms. You can find this information on Walmart’s website under “Benefits” and then “Unpaid Leave of Absence Policy.

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Do I get paid while on bereavement leave?

Managing bereavement leave can be difficult especially when you are the one who needs to take time off. In order to give yourself the best shot at it, you will need to read through Walmart’s bereavement policy and get a feel for what they expect. The below blog post provides information on what your paid leave will look like after your death or serious illness, whether or not you need a doctor’s letter stating that you are unable to come back in time, and what happens if you go over your allotted time.

The article also includes some important tips for taking care of yourself during this time period and finding out if your employer has any other bereavement policies in place.

How Many Bereavement Days Do Walmart Employees get?

If you’ve ever had to stand in line behind a customer asking dozens of questions about bereavement policy, then you can imagine how this article is going to help. If not, read on and find out how many days Walmart employees get off when they experience the death of a loved one.

Many people wonder what the Walmart bereavement policy is.

Do I get bereavement leave if I work part-time?

If you are employed both part time and full-time, you may be eligible for bereavement leave under the Walmart Policy. Part time employees who have worked at Walmart for at least a year and part time employees following a service member must be eligible for fully paid leave of up to ten days. Full time employees who have worked at least 12 months or those following a service member must be eligible for fully paid leave of up to six weeks.

To ensure continued support, these policies range from permitting the employee to work part-time while receiving half pay through allowing the employee to work on a reduced schedule without loss of wages or benefits. Such policies are in place to support the grieving employee as well as to support the family and allow the family to provide care for their loved one.

If you are a part-time employee following an active military service member, you may be eligible for leave under Walmart’s Military Care Policy. You must be a salaried, full or part-time worker who has been employed by Walmart for at least 12 months prior to taking leave. The permit is granted to take up to 12 weeks of paid leave over the course of a year-long deployment in support of a service member.

Is It Required By Law For Walmart To Offer Bereavement Leave?

As of late 2018, the Walmart Store policies would require its employees to take a bereavement leave of absence for up to 10 workdays. The policy accommodates sentimental leave for death in the immediate family following a funeral service. There is also a provision for workers who have lost their parents or grandparents.

The company does not offer paid bereavement leave, but executives will be able to request time off without taking vacation days as long as there’s critical business needs that need to be met.”

Bereavement Leave at Walmart: Is It Required By Law?

As of late 2018, the Walmart Store policies would require its employees to take a bereavement leave of absense for up to 10 workdays.


Retail giant Walmart has a policy that keeps employees who are out of work due to the death of a family member from being required to work as part of their bereavement leave”. While the article does not provide much more information, it is stated that you can learn how to find out how many days bereavement leave you will get at this major company.