Don’t Ruin Your Car’s Life With These Maintenance Myths

Buying a car is not difficult, but maintaining it is a hectic task. People including your family members and friends can give you various suggestions about maintaining the good life of your car. Some of this advice is good like having your car tested through Car Diagnostic Tool In UK.

Never Rely On These Maintenance Myths Of Cars

But many times the data that is provided to you is just based on false information. These have now become myths that confuse the car owners when they are going for the diagnosis. So never believe in the following myths.

3,000 Miles A Landmark For Oil Change

The cars that are manufactured today can run without an oil change for up to 5,000 miles. Some more advanced cars don’t require changing of oil even at 7,500 miles. So no need to worry about changing when you reach the 3,000-miles landmark.

Premium Fuel Boost Efficiency

Every car uses a different fuel type according to the make and model of the engine. A high-compression engine will do the best with premium quality fuel. But for ordinary cars, normal fuel will be ok.

Normal Car Diagnostic Tool In UK Makes Warranty Meaningless

People have a common misconception that having the car tested with Car Diagnostic Tool In the UK from not the recommended shop will make the warranty meaningless. But this is not true your car remains under warranty even if you have a diagnosis from somewhere else.

Warming Up Engine Essential During Winter

people might suggest you keep your engine started for a long time if you want your car to run smoothly. But the modern cars take a shorter time to warm up as many diagnostic tools purchased from shops including Maverick Diagnostics indicate. If you are just starting your car in the garage and not driving it; then you are just wasting the fuel.

Replacing All Tires At Once

It is a good thing that you use the same brand, model, and size of the tires that are recommended by the car company. But when one of your tires has an indication of damages that are detected by diagnostic tools; then only replace that specific one. Don’t change all four.

Laundry And dish Soaps Good For Washing

No, never use dishwashing and laundry soap for washing your car. It not only damages the colour; but also, can penetrate the engine and cause damage. Special car-washing soaps and liquids can be used.

Changing Transmission Fluids More Often

Many people might give a friendly suggestion of changing the transmission fluid when the car reaches the 50,000 miles mark. Ask the team of diagnostic technicians about the changing of the transmission fluids.

Keeping Windows Down For Fuel Efficiency

If you keep the windows down and think that it will save fuel because you are not using the AC then in reality you are consuming more fuel.

Morning Fuelling Will Save Money

The fuel is stored in an underground tank that keeps it under a specific temperature. So fuelling time will not affect the money you pay.

Inflate The Tires With Recommended Maximum Pressure

The Car Diagnostic Tool In UK also checks for the air pressure of tires. The pressure that is listed on the manual of the car is just a limit. Check for the right pressure reading on the side of the door.