Elements to Consider When Designing Hotel Furniture

Designing and creating a unique piece of hotel furniture may be out of practice, but producing an exceptional piece of furniture is essential. If you are building a historic hotel with large rooms that do not suit standard hotel guest beds or restaurant area windows that need a piece of banquet seating of particular dimensions, this never shows a problem for contract interior designers or experienced hotel furniture manufacturers

So, various elements need to be considered while doing product design and manufacturing processes. 


1. Practicality

When creating bespoke hospitality furniture design, it is crucial to remember that furniture must be eye-catching, robust, functional, and in many situations, aligned with space. You need to consider the number of visitors and traffic which uses the furniture and how they use it. Thus, hotel furniture must maintain an age-old balance between form and functionality. If you plan to design exquisite function room seating for weddings and events, then determine where the extra furniture will be stored. 

So, while presenting ideas about hotel furniture, consulting with furniture designers is essential. They will provide you with some proven solutions which address all your requirements. 

2. Individuality

Providing excellent hotel furniture solutions for your hotel design results in an interior like no other. However, picking elements like dimension and shape to fabric selection and stain choice can be an individual or type of furniture piece. Our manufacturer will design excellent work and convert your vision into reality if you need customized solutions. 

But, there is a difference between customized and bespoke furniture. Customized furniture is defined as an existing design that can modify or make changes in a specific way. It similarly maintains the frame or structure but makes enormous changes. Customizing hotel furniture includes adding more embellishments like studying, piping, and buttoning. 

In comparison, bespoke hotel furniture is a special piece of furniture which is created from scratch to completion. The concept is based on an existing design but produced entirely from scratch. It requires us to gather detailed construction drawings of each element part. 

Essential elements like dimensions, stability, and mechanism are of foremost importance while making furniture function as it is intended to. Unique pieces are a center of attraction for many hotel rooms and enhance intrigue among the guests when they observe something special. 

3. Quality

The hotel furniture, designed from scratch, still must meet all the stringent standards for contract furniture. The crucial joints are glued, screwed, and dowelled for strength. The fabrics and materials you select need to comply with fire regulations. The fabrics are treated for them to become fire retardant and fulfill strict contract standards, or else you can choose a material from a vast range of specialist contract fabric suppliers. The fabric you have selected to upholster must also withstand continual use.  


Finding a contract furniture company that will take tour bespoke furniture design from scratch to reality is a challenging task. Sara Hospitality is a leading manufacturing company that produces high-quality contract furniture. We offer our services in hotels and hospitality environments within the USA and internationally.