Essential Tools For DIY You Should Invest in

cordless drill

If you’re a creative person that loves to get their hands dirty, you know that all projects, no matter how simple, demand certain tools. Any home renovations you want to do on a budget will require from you to use at least one or two tools, but most bigger projects require an entire toolbox. What tools and gadgets do you need to have in your garage so you can handle any DIY project? Let’s take a look:

Safety gear

Safety always comes first, so make sure to buy a pair of protective glasses and actually put them on when working with power tools and hand tools that might send something flying into your eye. A dust mask or respirator will come in handy when working surrounded by dust, sawdust or insulation, as well as paint or solvents. Finally, some good shoes will keep your feet safe from falling objects and sharp tools.

Essential hand tools

This handheld tool is a true essential for all DIY lovers. A simple hammer can be used for fixing furniture, installing anything wooden, nailing things to the wall, etc. When choosing a hammer, opt for a model that has one smooth side and one pointy one for removing nails. For assembling any cabinets or installing fixtures, you will also need a few different screwdrivers (Phillips and flat-head). They are very simple and safe to use and come in handy around the house all the time.

Pliers (locking pliers and needle-nose pliers) are another must-have tool. They are useful for removing nuts and bolts or gripping anything else you can’t reach or grip with your fingers. If you’re into reupholstering and repurposing old furniture, you will use pliers every day.


Here’s a hand tool that requires its own category—a wrench. A wrench can look a bit intimidating for new users, but it’s quite easy to use when you need to handle any nuts and bolts. If you need to fix or install appliances or do something around your plumbing, a wrench is a must-have tool.

Keep in mind that in some parts of the world like Australia, it’s not allowed for amateurs to touch plumbing, so it’s much smarter to call an expert on hot water maintenance in Northern Beachesthan touch anything yourself, no matter how many wrenches you have. Plumbing is not a good DIY project and should always be left to professionals.

Measuring tools

Any DIY project needs a lot of measuring before you start cutting or plastering things on. There are a few measuring tools that you need: a ruler, a tape measure and a level. With a ruler, you can tackle smaller measuring jobs and measure angles (if you have a triangle measure). With a tape measure, you will handle all larger measuring jobs like measuring furniture, areas and surfaces. And a level will help you ensure that all your surfaces are perfectly horizontal or vertical (very useful when installing shelves, mounting things on the wall and putting up wallpaper).


Now lets’ take a look at some basic power tools—a drill is always a good place to start. With a cordless drill, you can make holes as well as drive screws in and take them out quickly and easily (without any strain on your hand). Most modern drills come with a set of drill bits and screwdriver bits so you can instantly tackle all sorts of projects.

Oscillating tool

This power tool comes with many attachments so you can use it to cut, slice, grind and sand things with ease. Thanks to back-and-forth oscillations, this tool can help you work with wood, metal, plastic and many other materials. When buying your oscillating tool, keep an eye on the oscillation rate—the higher the rate the more powerful the tool will be.

Circular saw

Many projects require cutting wood, metal, cement blocks, brick, tile, PVC plastic, fiberglass—you can do it all with a circular saw. This tool is used by professionals and DIY lovers all over the world and you will definitely get a lot of use from your model. Just keep in mind that this tool can be quite dangerous if you don’t use it right, so employ all protection gear and follow all user manual instructions.

With a collection of these hand, measuring and power tools, you’ll have almost every DIY project under control. These tools will serve you for many years and come in handy on countless occasions.